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Ever had problems with your office car? Ever had to rush to the mechanic only to find out he doesn’t provide that kind of repair? Ever had to make return trips again and again because your mechanic couldn’t finish his work on time? Ever had to cry out in frustration because you just couldn’t drive your car smoothly after a service? Well to all the above depressing questions, the solution is one and only over the top service station called the Formula Automotive Toyota Servicing Coorparoo. We have a specific concrete solution to all the above questions.

Be it your office car, luxury car, 4X4, trailer, caravan, be it anything we can solve it quickly and efficiently. There will not be a single repair which you won’t find at our service station. If in case you do, we will find a way to provide it to you at neighboring Formula Automotive service stations. There is no question of return trips. We repair cars faster and better than any ordinary mechanic because of our experienced staff and our latest equipment. We own an equipment set called the auto-electrical diagnostic equipment. This indicates the fault your car has. Specifically, the part which requires repairs. In addition, it also tells whether to perform repairs or replacement. Don’t worry, we won’t perform any expensive replacements on your car without your permission. Our service strictly contains repairs that are fully compatible with your vehicle. We ensure this from your manuals and also from the special details that are passed down to us by the respective car manufacturers. This way we ensure complete solution from repairs, services, feedback, efficiency, speed, replacements, till the delivery made to you of your perfectly running smooth vehicle.

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RACQ Approved Formula Automotive Toyota Servicing Coorparoo

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) just doesn’t approve any ordinary service station. They approved us because they saw us as a responsible organization to provide repairs and services to the workforce in Australia. They have also licensed us to provide RWC (Roadworthy Certificates) along with a handful of other service stations. This license means they trust us to put only good cars on the road. This trust has not just a token from RACQ but also from all our customers. These certificates are highly useful when you are dealing with used cars. You can be either buying or selling. It just gives you a full comprehensive report about what the actual condition of the vehicle is. During an RWC test we check a whole lot of basic systems of the car like:

  • Body and Chassis
  • Windscreen and windows
  • Brakes Components
  • Engine
  • Electrical Components
  • Seats and Restraints
  • Steering and suspension
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Road test and Brakes test
  • Exhaust Emissions

Now, this just ensures your car is roadworthy. It doesn’t check the intricate details but it is still useful so that there are no big shocks after you have bought the car. This is the efficient functioning of Formula Automotive Toyota Servicing Coorparoo.

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