What type of vehicles cannot be covered in RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill?

RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill is available only to Members who are permanent residents of Highgate Hill and who provide details of their Queensland driver’s license. Upgrade options to Roadside (Roadside Extra, Ultra Care, Plus Care and RACQ Ultimate) are available as an upgrade Option only to those Members eligible for Roadside, on the condition that the Nominated Vehicle is both registered and in a sound condition.

Your RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill product entitles any Driver of your Nominated Vehicle to Roadside Assistance after a breakdown. In all cases, Roadside Assistance Entitlements will only be provided if the Driver is a permanent resident of Australia. RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill may request that the Driver provide evidence of this. Where evidence cannot be provided RACQ may require the Driver to pay for the relevant Entitlement (or Travel Entitlement in the case of Plus Care, Ultra Care and RACQ Ultimate).

RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill

RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill: Roadside Assistance Dos and Don’ts

RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill reserves the right to decline any application or renewal to Roadside or any Upgrade Options to Roadside at any time.  This includes decisions regarding access to your Entitlements.

While Roadside Assistance is available for most vehicles, there are some weight and height restrictions for towing and roadside service. 

The following are examples of vehicles RACQ Mechanic Highgate Hill cannot currently provide roadside assistance for: 

  • Vehicles over 4 tonnes GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), vehicles over 2.3 mtrs. in width and vehicles over 6 mtrs. in length or 9.7mtrs for RACQ Ultimate members
  • Trucks, buses & other heavy vehicles
  • Taxis, limousines & other private hire vehicles
  • Rental vehicles
  • Motorised homes over 4 tonnes GVM
  • Vehicles offered for sale by a licensed motor vehicle dealer
  • Unregistered vehicles or vehicles on a day registration permit
  • Registered & unregistered tractors & farm equipment.
  • Vehicles being used or tested in preparation for racing, trial, speed or hill climbing test, or being used on a race track for any purpose

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