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RACQ Mechanic East Brisbane Guide

 This RACQ Mechanic East Brisbane guide helps to solve some common problems faced by car owners trying to maintain their vehicles in pristine condition. With the help of a few cleaning products and household tools, an hour or so each fortnight is all it takes to keep a car looking good.

RACQ Mechanic East Brisbane car washing tips 

Many commercial car cleaning products contain chemicals that may harm the environment. 

  • Washing your car over grass helps reduce the amount of contaminated runoff that ends up in our waterways. 
  • A pistol grip nozzle fitted to the hose is convenient and helps minimize water wastage.

Most cars should be washed at least once a fortnight, depending on how often the car is driven and where it is garaged.


  1. Begin by hosing the car down, including the wheel arches where mud and sand build up and encourage rust. 
  2. Remove any tar or squashed insects from the paint work with a proprietary bug and tar remover. 
  3. Use a soft foam sponge and a good quality car wash detergent or a wash and wax combination. Household detergents and car wash brushes can damage the fine layer of polish protecting the paint, meaning the car will have to be republished more often. 
  4. Use a chamois to dry the car off when you’ve finished. This prevents unsightly soap and water stains and the chamois will pick up any small patches of dirt that may have been missed. 
  5. It’s also a good time to check over the car for scratches and stone chips, which should be touched up as soon as possible to combat rust. 
  6. To finish off, wipe around the door jambs with a damp rag. 

Auto accessory outlets carry a huge range of car polishes. Who knows if one is better than another? 

RACQ Mechanic East Brisbane

RACQ Mechanic East Brisbane: Polishing Tips

Keep in mind that, generally, the easier a polish is to apply the more often it will need to be done and that more expensive polishes often give a superior finish. Polishing the car about once every three months should be enough to keep the paint work well protected. If the car’s paint looks very dull or flat, get some advice from a professional car detailer before attempting to polish it yourself.

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