With 24/7 cover for your vehicle no matter who’s driving, you can trust RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park if you break down

Maintaining a car at its former glory is usually difficult and comes off at a very expensive price. After all maintaining a car requires taking care of all its parts by making sure they are not rusting, replacing old parts and frequently getting it serviced at your RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park. The catch is that if you bring your car for servicing at RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park you get all these functionalities and that too at a fair price. Our staff is experienced and our legacy well known. We service cars so that they may even surpass their former glory.

Electrical components are the software of your car. These systems help your hardware run and give you the machine that runs smoothly. Electrical components such as your music system, onboard computers, lights, battery and other accessories you have are truly essential to a driver and hence when they cause a problem it is truly a pain. A car owner has to find a right mechanic who also deals with electrical components in addition to their services. This inconvenience is truly great but don’t you worry. We at RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park take care of all such electrical faults and also provide an all-around service for your car.

Now our services are not limited to repairing electrical components, we supply and fit all electrical components too. This includes all your electrical accessories, battery, and lights. We do this by using state-of-the-art equipment that is made especially for electrical systems. These are called the Auto Electrical Diagnostic Equipment. They tell us exactly where the defect is. This is very helpful and helps to deal with defects easily.

RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park staff is very experienced and with the help of this auto-electrical equipment diagnoses the state of your car. If any problems show up, we repair them and do other maintenance checks on all components. If you have any electrical accessories you want to install in your car like stereo systems, Bluetooth, embedded computers, parking sensors, CD players or any such components, just walk in or book in advance. We provide these features irrespective of the make and model of your car All electrical faults are rightly repaired and your vehicle is maintained at its glory. With the help of our expert staff, get your car electrically fit today.

RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park

Other Auto-Electrical Services at RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park

Apart from fault repair and maintenance services, we provide a whole range of auto-electrical services. These services are a part and parcel of a RACQ Mechanic Dutton Park station like ours. We provide services such as:

  • Battery testing, charging, and replacement
  • Auto computers and keys programming
  • Anti-lock Braking systems (ABS)
  • Auto Electrical Accessories
  • EFI and engine management systems

Get your car down to our service station for these services and also get your log book service scheduled. We provide customized quotations for all customers.

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