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Car maintenance is a chore. Keeping all parts clean and rust free is troublesome. Making sure that the wear and tear our contained is hard and keeping your car brand new year after year is a fantasy. All these things are troublesome when you have to do it on your own and more troublesome if you decide to not do them at all. So what do you do? You bring your vehicle to Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Servicing Dutton Park who provides a list of repairs and services along with a customizable schedule which ensures that your car remains maintained on the least inconvenience on our behalf. We provide efficient repairs at optimal prices so that we are accessible to as many households as possible. We even have many servicing stations. Bring your Mitsubishis at our workstation today.

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Fault Repairs at Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Servicing Dutton Park

Accessories that one installs in their vehicle can break down anytime. They need repairs more frequently than the other parts. So you want them to be checked along with your regular car service but your mechanic can only handle mechanical repairs and knows nothing about electrical repairs. Electrical components are mostly for the entertainment and convenience of the people riding inside like embedded computers, music systems, AUX port, charging port, parking sensors, etc. This creates a need for a separate mechanic which wastes time, energy and is more costly for your pocket. Why not take your car to our service station. We provide mechanical as well as electrical repairs.

We not only repair all your accessories and electrical components. We replace and install them too. So any component problem, you might have, we can fix it. Another benefit of bringing your car into our service station is that we make your repairs faster. We are able to do this because of the special equipment we use to detect effects. This equipment is called Auto Electrical Diagnostic Equipment. This helpful equipment points out the state of your machinery and makes it easier for us to repair it.

After the point of the defect is clear we can either replace it or repair it. Don’t worry, we won’t make any expensive replacements in your car without your consent. We will just recommend them. In addition to this, if you want some extra accessories for your car, we can install them too. This includes accessories like Bluetooth devices, embedded computer, phone, music systems, CD player, parking help, alarms, etc. We install them and we repair them. Any electrical faults that occur in your vehicle will be repaired by our experienced mechanics. This will definitely help with the maintenance of your car. Be it any make or model, imported or local, we can repair your car and all its electrical components.

For further details on electrical component repairs, contact us via email or a phone call. We will heed to all your queries and if there are any accessories that we don’t provide we will bring them for you.

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