Repairs Done With Auto Electrical Equipment at Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Service East Brisbane

Car servicing means the periodic checkup of the essential car body parts. Now every mechanic has different notions of what they consider the essential parts. Here at Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Service East Brisbane, our servicing schedule contains not just the most number of parts but it includes everything that can possibly wrong with your car. The checkups are done as frequent as the manufacturers want each part to be checked so that optimum all year-around services are provided to each and every part of your car. These details are manufacturer provided and hence are perfectly compatible with your vehicle needs.

Auto Electrical Equipment at Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Service East Brisbane

Just imagine that you are getting your car serviced and you were given a specific time by it would be completed. Now that time by itself is very long and on top of that, you have to make return trips again and again. If instead, you had chosen Formula Automotive, we would have provided both quick and efficient service. Our list of services provided in one logbook service extends more than anyone. The repairs are quicker and more efficient because we use special state-of-the-art equipment which helps increase the speed of the repairs by telling us the exact location of the defect. Once we know where the problem is, our skilled technicians take over and they perform the repairs needed. Some of these repairs also tell if a certain part is to be replaced or repaired. These are called the auto-electrical diagnostic equipment. The equipment easily detects repairs in:

  • EFI and engine management system
  • Battery repairs or replacement
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems
  • Fault repairs and maintenance
  • Computer and keys programming
  • Auto-electrical Accessories

The diagnosis is exactly on point and with the little experience, our technicians have mastered the art of repairing your cars in record time. The repairs will be of exceptional quality and your car will be will not suffer any damage on our watch.

Mitsubishi Servicing East Brisbane

Staff and Amenities at Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Service East Brisbane

With our contribution of high tech equipment to an already skilled staff, we have acquired a workforce that is fulfilling its objective of providing quality service to all vehicles at a raging speed. The new staff that we hire are trained rigorously under the wing of our more skilled and experienced technicians. This allows them the practical knowledge they need to be quality employees of Formula Automotive Mitsubishi Service East Brisbane.

Our staff is very diligent and we provide them with all facilities and work ethic required to run a trustworthy business that locals can recommend to anyone. Our service has been running for more than 26 years now and our staff can repair car of any make or model, be it local or imported.  We also have special repairs for vehicles like trailers, caravans, buses, and trucks. Visit us at our service station or drop a call. We will answer all your doubts and queries about any car problems that you might have.

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