Be good to your metallic friends with our mechanic repairs in Woolloongabba

A car is a friend, albeit a large, metallic, possibly luxury friend. A loyal car will take you where you need to go when you need to. It does not care whether you need to take your child to the hospital or need to take them to soccer practice, it is always there for you. In rain, snow or shine, a car will always be reliable. Except for when it isn’t, due to the tests of wear and tear. Think of us as counsellors for you and your car friends. We make the mechanic repairs in Woolloongabba and nearby areas that will keep your car friend safe, so it can continue keeping you safe as well.

At Formula Automatic, we offer an unbeatable combination of efficient repair, premium quality and amicable customer service that has made us an industry leader in car repairs and services for the past 25 years. We do repairs in Woolloongabba & Norman Park and other areas. We have service and restoring experiences with a multitude of car manufacturers, from both domestic and abroad. You can trust us to do the job that we say we will, our formula of service will get it right every time!

We have the skills and equipment to do the best Mechanic repairs in Woolloongabba

Why go through the frustrations of bringing your car to a repair shop for the same problem, time and time again? Our wide experiences with different makes and models have honed our skills over time. One experience with our mechanic repairs in Norman Park will leave you satisfied. We’re strangers to no car repair procedure, and we’d be more than happy to prove this to you.

While our mechanics carry much of the responsibility for fixing your car, their jobs are made easier with our top of the line products. Should you need something simple like an oil change, we have high quality Penrite oils to keep your engine running strong. For something major like your suspension, you can rest easy knowing we have Superpro Suspension in stock to make the transition easier.

Our maintenance wouldn’t be nearly as proficient without our equipment as well. We are an RACQ approved inspection station, and we make putting our RACQ members back on the roads as soon as possible a priority. For sophisticated systems like air conditioning, our New Microprocessor controlled automatic air conditioning service equipment makes quick work of system build up. Our experts are well-versed in auto electrical accessories and can give you sound, trusted advice on any malfunctioning part in your car. To preserve the electronics of your vehicle, we have the world’s best rust proofing system, Couplertec, to add a few more years to the lifespan of not only your electronics but your peace of mind on the road and in the parking lot.

We’d love to be your go-to mechanic for any of your maintenance needs in Norman Park.

Whether you’re in need of mechanic repairs in Norman Park, Formula Automotive has you covered immediately. If you’re not convinced, call us on (07) 3392-3655 with any of your concerns, and we’d love to talk solutions with you.

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