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It’s been a long journey for Formula Automotive Car Mechanic Kangaroo Point. In its service of 26 years, Formula Automotive have treated thousands of cars and gained the trust of these thousand patrons. No matter what problem their cars faced we just kept on getting better by finding ways in equipment or staff to correct that problem so that no customer leaves the door of Formula Automotive unsatisfied. Through in-house training sessions and car awareness weeks, we have created a presence for ourselves not just within the community but also with our staff. A strong work ethic is maintained in all our operations and that leads to the exceptional services we have always offered to our customers.

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Drive Shaft Repairs at Formula Automotive Car Mechanic Kangaroo Point

We always strive to increase the range of our services so that a customer once arrives at our station doesn’t have change destination to get their repairs. The list of repairs at Formula Automotive Car Mechanic Kangaroo Point just keeps on increasing. An important class of repairs is drive shafts and rear differentials. Formula Automotive provides these repairs in all their service stations.

There is a different kind of drivelines available for different vehicles. Basically, a different class of vehicle will have different driveline. A 4 wheel drive while having a different driveline than an all-wheel drive. When on a rear wheel, 4 wheels and an all-wheel drive, you will find a drive shaft. Your driveshaft is connected via a series of universal joints to your transmission and differentials. As any joint in the world these also need lubrication but as most of them are sealed, this lubrication is skipped. However, still, Formula Automotive Car Mechanic Kangaroo Point checks these while servicing.

On a front wheel there are no drive shafts but two wheel axles that turn the wheels. These, in turn, are connected to CV joints. These are sealed and are not serviceable but once the sheath gets removed due to wear and tear, these joints are exposed to road and weather conditions. This can cause difficulty in the motion of wheels and your car can stall while moving. When your car experiences these problems it is best you get it checked at the Formula Automotive Car Mechanic Kangaroo Point. We will guide you on all the problems related to driving shafts and rear differentials.

Why choose us?

This question has been answered many times over. In regard to our availability, our repairs and services, our aftercare and policies we abide by are all testimonials enough to choose us. The trust showered over us by our customers makes us more diligent in our work and we continue to provide excellence as great service to your cars and various automobiles.

For more details and further query, kindly contact us. We will guide you to your nearest Formula Automotive station in town. We provide tow services in case of a breakdown too.

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