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A car is an indispensable resource for a household. Unfortunately, it is just a machine and without proper maintenance, it can start giving you problems. Although, we also understand that with your tight schedule, you may find it difficult to remember to bring the car in for service. Why don’t you let us take care of both those jobs? We will provide you with maintenance for your car and also remind you when it’s time for your service. After all, Formula Automotive Mechanic Highgate Hill provides the best service around.

Logbook Services of Formula Automotive Mechanic Highgate Hill

Logbook services are the periodic service that your vehicle requires and we remind you every time after a specific period to bring your car in for service. We provide many types of logbook services but if you don’t find a service that caters to your needs, please call us and we will make sure that we create a custom-made service just for you. Logbook services offered by Formula Automotive Mechanic Highgate Hill are of three types:

First Logbook Servicing is given to your new car when it is still in its warranty period. If you don’t bring your car in for servicing during this period you will forfeit the warranty on your car. These services are necessary to make sure that there are no defects after the car was manufactured and when it was put up for sale. These services generally run for a year or till your car is in warranty service.

Scheduled Logbook Servicing is given to your car based on the servicing manuals that come along with your car. The staff at Formula Automotive Mechanic Highgate Hill is experienced and trained to deal with all makes and models and imported as well as local cars. The manuals tell us how frequent and how much servicing each part of your car is gonna need. We schedule your services according to that and when it is time, we make sure to inform you so that you can bring the car in at your earliest convenience.  

Fleet Logbook Servicing is to give your automobile the fleet maintenance. We at Formula Automotive are capable of covering all your fleet servicing and maintaining needs. Managing and administering them is not an easy task but with our experienced staff we have managed to provide fleet maintenance for 26 years now and will continue to do so.

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Services during Logbook Servicing at Formula Automotive Mechanic Highgate Hill

All kinds of repairs mentioned in the car manual and an all-around car service to check all the necessary parts are in neat working condition. This is done for your battery, engine, exhaust system, brake, and clutch system, rear differentials and drive shaft, steering alignment and wheel balancing, tire repairs and pressure conditions etc. We test, repair and replace according to your particular needs and your car needs.  

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