Quality Workmanship at Formula Automotive Mechanic Fairfield

Mechanic Fairfield locals trust and have done for over 26 years. They have and always will turn to the No. 1 car mechanic Fairfield has ever seen- Formula Automotive. A trustworthy car mechanic contact is a must in your contact list. This is because you never know when your vehicle may need repair or servicing.

Mechanic Fairfield Locals Trust

Formula Automotive mechanic Fairfield offers a wide range of services and repairs that covers every kind of maintenance your vehicle may require to run smoothly for longer periods of time. These include but are not limited to

  •     Diagnostic and engine tuning
  •     Engine servicing, replacement, and repairs
  •     Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  •     Drive Shafts and rear differentials
  •     Brake and clutch servicing, replacement and repairs
  •     Mufflers and exhausts
  •     Suspension and steering
  •     Installation of 4WD accessories
  •     Radiators and cooling systems
  •     Emission and Engine control system
  •     Lubrication and Fluid systems

Repairs and services to all the above-mentioned components of your vehicle have never been made available all together in one place. All the above-mentioned parts are handled by competent mechanical staff and new technological equipment so that your car receives the service it is worthy of.

Mechanic Fairfield

Service fundamentals at Formula Automotive

There are certain service fundamentals and work ethic that every mechanic takes care of while doing business.

Excellent Customer Service

Just drop a call at our branch office in Woolloongabba we will respond fast with all the primary instructions in case your car broke down. Simply drop your car at out mechanical workshop conveniently located at 49 BALACLAVA STREET, WOOLLOONGABBA, QLD 4158

State of the Art Equipment

As new cars come to market, the equipment that comes to repair them also evolves. We, at Formula Automotive, believe that for fast and efficient service it is absolutely necessary that state of the art equipment is possessed by the mechanic. Because of our new equipment, we can now provide all repairs to passenger vehicles, diesel, 4 wheel drives, all wheel drives and small vehicles.

Experienced Staff

Every individual working at Formula Automotive Mechanic Fairfield is experienced in their particular area of repairs and services. All our mechanics are veterans in their field of work. They provide friendly and efficient service to your automobiles. They will even figure out the cause of the mishap so that you can prevent it in the future. This is how we provide a full on out car service with maximum customer privileges.

Why Formula Automotive Mechanic Fairfield?

Combining all of the above with much more options available now like Log book servicing, RWC inspections we have amped ourselves once again to provide you with exceptional services. Anyone in Fairfield who owns a car knows who to call in any case of car trouble. Formula Automotive is not an option but the one and only choice of the locals.

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