Formula Automotive Local Mechanics Keep Your Car Up And Running In Good Condition

The staff hired at Formula Automotive is local to the suburb they are hired at. Local mechanics can reach faster in case of an emergency. The more help arrives during the wee hours of the business, the more early everyone can go home happy. They can also understand the need of their fellow locals very well as they know more about the area. This removes many questions on their availability and makes Formula Automotive more trustworthy. Local Mechanics are hired and they are trained during the in-house training sessions by the more experienced staff.

We are the RACQ approved Local Mechanics you can trust

Over the course of its long journey of 26 years, Formula Automotive has adhered to very strict rules of workmanship and good customer care and earned the right to be called RACQ approved automotive repairer. RACQ or the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland is the part of the Australian Automobile Association. They are a motoring club and a mutual organization that take cares of travel, insurance, and finance. They have laid down strict rules for every automotive repairer. If any automotive repairer follows these rules, their service is definitely dependable. Key features of our service at Formula Automotive Local Mechanics are:


  • 26 years of excellent service
  • Experienced staff
  • Great Customer Care
  • State of the art equipment
  • Quick and efficient in-station service
  • Standard and Customized Service Quotations
  • Logbook Services
  • ARC certified
  • RWC inspections
  • Auto electrical diagnostic Equipment
  • Repair and services of all parts of the car
  • Inside details passed down by car manufacturer itself
  • Large number of vehicle classes handled
  • Skills to repair car of any make and model

After the mention of such good points, it is no shocker that we have RACQ approval. We still strive to be better and try to improve ourselves to better and better suit the locals. We have service stations in:

  • Greenslopes
  • Annerley
  • Fairfield
  • Coorparoo
  • Dutton Park
  • Norman Park
  • East Brisbane
local mechanics

Repair and services at Formula Automotive Local Mechanics

We as local mechanics provide mechanized repair and services on all kinds of vehicles like passenger vehicles, small vehicles, all wheel drives, 4 wheel drives and diesel vehicles. We provide amenities like steering alignment, wheel balancing, tire repairs and other such services in a quick time and a fair price. An elaborated list of service may include testing and replacement of car battery, tuning of engine, engine management systems, EFI, steering and suspension repairs, fluid and lubrication repairs, radiators and cooling system repairs and lots more.

What makes Formula Automotive special is the trust locals have placed in us as local mechanics. To keep that trust always going we have bettered ourselves at every turn and evolved the nature of our service to keep up with the changing times. The car may change but the mechanic remains the same. The make and model changes and the equipment changes but the mechanic remains the same as he has the experience to fix any problem that occurs within an automobile. We are Formula Automotive, technicians with the right formula.

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