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Servicing is a big part of owning a car and most car owners don’t realize it. They just keep on driving without any regard to the harsh conditions the car parts are exposed to. Eventually, the car breaks down and you just end up taking it to a random mechanic who will just repair the fault with a temporary solution. It will not be late before you will find yourself again at the workshop of that mechanic. It will become a repetitive procedure and you may change mechanics but the problem may still persist. So it’s better that you choose a permanent solution from the get-go with Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Kangaroo Point and also get your car serviced regularly

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Security of your car with Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Kangaroo Point

Security of your vehicle is no joke. You have worked hard and obtained such a great car. Losing it would be a great loss. So most of the car companies provide expert mechanisms to protect your car from theft and robbery. This may be compromised with prolonged use and sometimes may even require additional security depending on your neighborhood. There are many options available in the market for you to choose from like alarms, more secure locks, etching windows and what not. The caution from your side is a must still as your property your responsibility.

With modernization came a new way of protecting your vehicle against theft. That is programmed keys. A uniquely programmed transponder chip is present in your car keys and the code in that chip is provided to disable the immobilizer in your car. This a pretty tough security system as only by using a unique key you can start your car and thieves can’t use a duplicate key. The advent of this technology has certainly resulted in lesser thefts all around the suburbs like Greenslopes, Fairfield, Annerley, Dutton Park, Norman Park, East Brisbane, Coorparoo, Woolloongabba and many other parts of Adelaide.

Now comes the question of repairing such a key if it gets broken or worse stolen. The solution in case of robbery is to get a new set of keys with a different code and in case of a broken key is to get it prepared. However, if you take your car to the main dealer, it will be a costly repair and exchange. But if you take it to Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Kangaroo Point, your pocket won’t suffer as much. We have resources to program your keys to work with your car’s immobilizer and the computer on the roadside. Our services include erasing the old code from your car’s computer so that it only accepts the new code and gives an alarm in case the old code is inserted. So your car’s security is maintained at all costs.

At Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Kangaroo Point we make sure that you and your car enjoy all the benefits that come along with having us repair your car.

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