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Getting your car serviced is very difficult. You have to find the right mechanic, right fair price and the right list of services. The right list of services means it covers all the mechanized repairs of necessary car parts, electrical repair, testing and then other services. This could take some research online or via your family and friends. If you research online, you will find us and if you talk to your friends, you will most probably find us. This is because we are trustworthy and all our customers trust us with all their car problems. Find us and visit us at Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Greenslopes

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Testing and Replacements of Batteries at Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Greenslopes

A car battery is an essential part of the car as it controls all the electrical equipment within the car. When your battery causes problems it doesn’t necessarily mean that your battery needs to be replaced. Most of the time it is just the charging of the battery. An alternator does this work by performing two functions. It supplies current to the car’s electrical mechanisms and also charges the battery to a full. You need to get this done as your battery performs many important functions like:

  • Crank the engine
  • Power for all the lights
  • Accessories when an engine is not running
  • And provides extra power when output is more than the capacity of the alternator

These are the main functions but there are many other small functions your battery performs. These are providing electrical power to the starter and all such components that are required to start the engine. After the engine gets running the charging system starts providing power for other electrical components. This includes your music system, onboard computers, and clocks.

In such conditions, it is absolutely necessary to get your battery checked on all your car services. This testing is done during each service when you will visit Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Greenslopes. Your battery is first examined visually. It will tell us about its life expectancy and then our experienced staff will test the battery testing equipment to determine its cranking amp capacity. This test will indicate whether or not your battery needs replacement. If replacement is shown, we will connect your car to an external power source to prevent loss of data on various car accessories. We will then replace your old battery and verify that it has been rightly installed.

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We have provided car services for over 26 years and we have seen our fair share of cars. The legacy of car problems runs deep in the veins of Formula Automotive and hence we keep giving our greatest services to all our customers. We provide all repairs and services at an ultimate level and once repaired, you won’t have to worry about your car giving you trouble again. Your solution, Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Greenslopes is here.

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