Accessorizing Cars At Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley

The service station that has been treating car problems since more than 20 years ago and is already a household name in the suburbs of Adelaide is Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley. We have provided a whole range of services that you will not find anywhere else. This includes mechanized repairs, auto-electrical repairs, log book services, couplertec technology, RWC inspections, tow services, service quotations and what not. Car problems are bread and butter. We have not only acquired the skill to repair these problems but also experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and a network of loyal customers spreading far and wide.

Advantages of a service quotation with Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley

Your car is exposed to wear and tear, weather conditions and the conditions of the road. This is the need of frequent servicing that your car demands. Some parts of the below of your car, your engine, battery, gear shafts, emission control system etc are some of the parts that require more attention than others. However, we understand that with your schedule is almost impossible to remember when your car needs service. So sign up with us for a custom made quotation and then it will be our job to remind you when your car needs service. We perform a diagnostic test on different parts of the car, we clean, we replace, we install and make your car leaves our station much better than when it arrived.

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Auto Electrical Accessories Available at Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley

Not just the cars but their accessories have also come a long way since the day when only car accessory the cars used to have was the hood jewelry. Especially the auto electrical accessories. They help you park, listen to music, decorate your car, embed computers and a lot more. All these car accessories are installed, replaced and repaired at our service station. We provide a complete range of accessories not found anywhere else. These accessories are not only ornamental. They make your vehicle more efficient, eco-friendly, and more safe for the passengers riding it. Get your accessories at Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley.

These accessories include:

  • Special brake controllers
  • Driving, spot, and accessory lights
  • Solar Panels for caravan, trailer, and cars
  • Rewiring for camper and caravan
  • Winches and Anderson Plugs

These brake controllers are, especially for trailers. Our auto-electricians are highly experienced in the field of these repairs and with the help of our equipment, they can assure that they will do a better job than the repair shops around here. The diagnostic equipment used for auto-electrical accessories will help you decide what to do next in the repairing process and thus making us more efficient and quick. We are true and respectable businessmen and we will not make any expensive changes or repairs to your vehicle before taking your permission. This is just how things are at Formula Automotive Local Mechanic Annerley. Our work is reflected in our work ethics and our 26 years of successful service.

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