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You’ve owned a car for a very long time. It is has been your precious commodity but now your wife wants a bigger car or your family has expanded and you have to find another car. The deposit on the new car is pretty big and you want to earn a quick buck. It kills your heart but you will have to sell your old car. It is not that easy and we know that. After all, no one can put a price on your car but let’s help you get the best one, shall we? We are Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Highgate Hill.

Now imagine all you need is a good car but the finance of your family and mortgage of the house won’t allow you to buy a new car. You have to save every bit of money to get a car as soon as possible. Then you learn that, why not a second-hand car? But what about the price, how will you get that price down, well here we are. We are Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Highgate Hill.

It doesn’t matter if you are the buyer or seller of a used car, we help you to get the best prize. We give a full-fledged documentation specifying what is the current condition of your car. This covers every possible aspect of your car and then you can negotiate with absolute confidence. This certification is called the RWC. Roadworthy Certificate.

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Find out the Road Worthy Condition of Your Car at Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Highgate Hill

Now that you are familiar with what the purpose of an RWC is, let’s tell you a little about the works behind the curtains. This certification is a national standardized test for used cars. You cannot get this certification anywhere in Australia. There are only a handful of car service stations in all the nearby suburbs that provide this certification to you. These service stations are licensed by the RACQ (Royal Automobile Club Queensland) to provide these facilities. After all, any car that passes this test, gets to be on the roads we all share. So it is important that some standard procedure is followed. Let us now show you what all is covered in this certificate.

  • Road test and brake test
  • Seats and restraints
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • Body and chassis
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • Engine and drivelines
  • Windows and windscreen
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Lights
  • Electrical Components

The real help of buying and selling that we referred above comes after you get your car score. If you are a seller, then getting RWC in advance means you can increase your score and get a better price for your old car and if you are a buyer then seeing the score will give you a fair idea as to what you are exactly paying for and what more repairs you will have to get. So you can negotiate a lower price which is fair for both parties.

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