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Acceptance and trust as the most preferable car service in Annerley and adjoining suburbs is a big achievement and we won it and are still going strong on the position with the help of the ever-expanding list of repairs and services. These make sure that once the customer comes to our service station, they will not have to go anywhere else, no matter what car-related service they want. This includes mechanized repairs of all car parts, auto electrical accessories, coolant repairs, pollution check, emission control, tow services, accessory installation and repairs, RWC inspections, log book services, service quotations, and much more. Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Annerley is a service station which provides all these services with the help of the experienced staff and latest equipment. This equipment involves the special class of equipment aimed at reducing the time of repairs and cost of replacements. All in all, our service station is a car service powerhouse where you can find every service you need for your car.

Service Quotation at Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Annerley

Following a servicing paradigm can be very difficult. It is strictly scheduled and you can even lose cash upon missing a service. Not to mention, it won’t even get rescheduled to a later time to suit your convenience. This can be very tough for people with high-end jobs who don’t have a fixed schedule. This is where Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Annerley becomes useful. We create service quotations that are unique to every customer. This allows creating customizable service quotations. The services are organized to fit your schedule and according to your car’s make and model. We have details that are passed down to us by the respective car manufacturer. This way we end up performing repairs which are compatible with your vehicle and nothing else. Your car parts are taken care off pretty well because of this and this definitely makes sure that the life of your vehicle is increased.

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Accessories Available at Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Annerley

Similar to smartphones doing the job of the camera, social media, and other things for us, accessories of a car do the same too. They are no longer ornamental. They make your cars sophisticated and help them to stand out even after being the same model. More and more accessories are developed each year. There are accessories to improve lightening, communication, reduce pollution, cool the car, help with the car smell, Bluetooth, and computer connectivity too. There are other accessories to increase the security of your car. Most popular accessories installed at Formula Automotive Kia Servicing Annerley are:

  • Rewiring for camper and caravan
  • Solar Panels for caravan, trailer, and cars
  • Special brake controllers
  • Winches and Anderson Plugs
  • Driving, spot, and accessory lights

These are very high-tech and are installed by experts. They are experts at replacing them, repairing them, installing them, and doing anything you want with them. If you didn’t find the accessory you were looking for, try contacting us once by mail or call, we may be able to arrange it for you.

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