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Your car broke down and it is not a common problem that is ailing your car. You take it to one of the mechanics but it is not to any avail. Your car still isn’t repaired because no mechanic can help you with the problem. Your car was almost new and replacing it with another car is not in your budget. Don’t lose hope. Maybe you haven’t tried Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Kangaroo Point yet. Our list of repairs has now expanded to a list of repairs both common and rare. We cover each and every part of your automobile so that once you have a car problem, you don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.

List of our Repairs at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Kangaroo Point

Our reasons for expanding our repairs and services were two-fold. First, was your convenience and the second reason is a little complex. See, most of your car parts will need servicing now and then. The problem is that a standard servicing paradigm leaves out many car parts that may not need servicing often but each year or so, it is good to get them inspected. So that is why we included these repairs in our daily repairs so that our staff gets trained at these repairs and now we are experts on each and every repair we offer. So we’ve also included them in our service schedule. So we may not check all parts in every service but after a particular amount of time, each part gets checked. Now let’s have a look at the elusive list we’ve been talking about.

  • Fluid and lubricant mechanism
  • Suspension and steering
  • Mufflers and Exhausts
  • Emission and Engine control
  • Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  • Engine tuning, replacement, and repair
  • Radiators and cooling system
  • Battery charging, testing, and replacement
  • Brake and Clutch Servicing

These are just the repairs included in your service. Other services you would find at Formula Automotive are logbook services, tow services, RWC inspections, couplertec, ARC, and much more. With all these repairs and services, we sure to cater to your every request.

Honda Servicing Kangoroo Point

Brakes and Clutch repairs at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Kangaroo Point

Servicing your car brakes, you have to be very careful where you get the service done as failed brakes are as hazardous as certain death. There are certain symptoms, you will start to notice when your car brakes start to wear out. They may seem soft or the effect may be lagging by a few seconds. Sometimes when you try to apply the brakes, the car may shudder. If you notice any such signs, it is necessary that you get them serviced immediately. The best service you can find for your brakes and clutch services is Formula Automotive. Our skilled technicians perform all the repairs keeping your safety in mind and we even test the repairs before handing the car over to you. We provide complete replacement and repairs of disc brakes, brake pads, hand brakes, and clutch repairs and replacement.

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