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The car parts present at the bottom of your vehicle are the most prone to wear and tear because of the harsh road conditions they face along with the weather conditions. This is not all. There are various fluids flowing in your car all the time. This may be coolant, fuel, exhaust gas, and other lubricants. When these cause a leakage corrosion and rusting damage may also be faced by the internal parts of your car. Now imagine the amount by which the life of your car would have increased if you had gotten all these parts checked regularly by getting a periodic service with a trustworthy mechanic. It would be massive. So protect your precious vehicle by bringing them in for service at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Highgate Hill.

Get all Your Accessories installed at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Highgate Hill

Have you got a 4X4 you want to accessorize but can’t find an appropriate mechanic. Drop in at the workstation of Formula Automotive and get them all. This is one of the repairs we have provided exclusively for all the 4X4 customers. We have all the high-tech equipment that is required to accessorize such heavy vehicles. Our service station is probably the only place you will find the combination of repairs, services, replacement, and installments. This means that any problem you have with any of the accessories, we can solve them. Other categories of accessories we can help you with are toolboxes, winches, off-road equipment. The standard accessories that are very common these days are :

  • New 4X4 spotlights
  • Complete overhaul of your 4X4 vehicle
  • Roof Racks

Call us for any more details or any new accessory request. We will make sure to heed to your request.

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Why Choose Us Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Highgate Hill?

Our car service has been on the market for over 26 years. We have serviced all sorts of cars. Whether they are new, old, custom-made, imported or local. We can provide all repairs and services to cars of any make or model. For this, we even maintain a network with all manufacturers as they give us details about the repairs that are compatible with the vehicle they designed. We only provide services that are mentioned in your manual. This is because we provide logbook services at our service station. When we provide scheduled or first logbook service, we make sure of this. With these services, we also provide a long list of services that cover anything and everything that can possibly go wrong with your car. This all is also provided at nominal prices so that each and every citizen can avail our facilities.

Our customer care services are available at all times to help you. Just go ahead and ask any query about car problems that are swimming in your mind and we will root them out. We also own a tow service for emergency cases and we provide RWC inspections too. Just drop in anytime with your vehicle and figure out the details.

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