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Repairing cars for over 26 years, we have noticed one unified pattern in all our customers and that is blind trust, the kind of trust that takes quite long to build. We built that trust by providing just one service per customer and they kept coming back on their own. We believe that previous customers are the best marketing team ever and that’s what happened to us. We helped one customer and they went ahead and recommended us to all their friends and families. This is just because we are trustworthy mechanics for your vehicles. We have experienced employees, high-tech equipment, a big pool of loyal customers, great customer care and trust of the community around us. We are Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes.

Maintenance provided at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes

Your tight scheduled and power-packed life has made it difficult for you to even give your family time and you are also supposed to care about the proper maintenance of your car. This is just asking too much. What if we tell you that you don’t have to remember anything about the maintenance of your car but just drive carefree? Well, we are. Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes provides excellent logbook services. These services are scheduled to fit your schedules and it also means that we become the ones informing you periodically when to bring your car in for service. Then we will schedule important repairs in it according to the need and circumstances.

Our maintenance services are highly customer based and they include exclusively all mechanized repairs. Some of these are:

  • Battery checking and replacement
  • Under the vehicle
  • Engine Tuning
  • Diesel Service and Maintenance
  • Front-end
  • Brake and clutch check
  • 150 point check
  • Logbook Servicing
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Exhaust system

Our maintenance services are not limited to just new cars. We even provide service and standard determinations in terms of Roadworthy Certificates(RWC) for used cars. We are a fully licensed and approved venture by RACQ (Royal Automobile Club of Queensland). This is just another feather in our cap and a testimony to our quality standards.

Honda Servicing Greenslopes

ARC at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes

The environment is polluted on a daily basis by the harmful emissions that leave the exhaust pipes of our cars. This is the need of the times and of the planet that we start doing our bit in the process of saving our environment from such harmful emissions. This is very important for us as most of our customers are millennials and understand the need of the situation. Pollution certificate of your car means that your car is not leading to as many emissions as any other normal car would. We at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes take care of these emissions by providing ARC which helps us in retrofitting your systems with such a mechanism that reduces the amount of ozone-depleting emissions you send out from your cars.

Let’s all do our bit and save the environment and Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Greenslopes will help you with achieving that goal.

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