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We have been local mechanics to thousands of households around the suburbs of Annerley and people have accepted us as the number one car repair and service station they could find. People have always appreciated our services and why won’t they? We have experienced staff to take care of all their problems, we have modern equipment, service quotations, log book services, ARC, RWC inspections, couplertec technology, air conditioning repairs and a whole range of repairs you won’t find anywhere. Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Annerley is a choice thousands make every year, make your choice now. We also provide tow services in case of a breakdown.

Customized Service Quotation at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Annerley

Standard service schedules you find at other service stations are very hard to follow and almost never fit your schedule. This makes the servicing of your own car seem like a chore but you can’t even ignore it. This is because without proper servicing many parts of the car will experience wear and tear. They are continuously exposed to weather and road conditions. Also, there are some critical parts like brake and clutch, ABS system, engine, and exhaust system. If these parts are not in great condition, repercussions will be hazardous. So why not solve all these problems by going for customized service quotations provided by Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Annerley. We provide an all-around service that covers mechanized repairs from your keys to your engine and everything in between

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Accessories available at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Annerley

Gone are the days when accessories on your car were just ornamental. Nowadays car accessories range from Bluetooth devices to whole embed computers. Accessorizing their car is a trend found in car lovers worldwide. This is because these accessories are not just for decoration. They help increase the functionality of your car, reduce pollution, and help you become a better driver. Apart from this, they keep your car safe when you are not there. Security accessories are not lagging behind computers. Get all these accessories installed, repaired and replaced at Formula Automotive Honda Servicing Annerley.  Some of the accessories we offer are:

  • Rewiring for camper and caravan
  • Winches and Anderson Plugs
  • Driving, spot, and accessory lights
  • Solar Panels for caravan, trailer, and cars
  • Special brake controllers

Most of the accessories are very high-tech accessories. If you have any queries regarding any such accessory kindly call us or walk in at any of our service stations and we will clear it all up. The brake controllers are a very useful accessory to your car and they come especially for trailers. Our mechanics and electricians will custom fit these accessories in your car so that you won’t face any trouble after installation.

Apart from these accessories we also offer many auto-electrical repairs and accessories. Visit the service station to know more. One of our diligent employees will love to tell you all about them. Choose the technicians with the right formula.

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