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Formula Automotive Holden Servicing Greenslopes is the one contact you should have among your other important contacts as your vehicle can need assistance in mechanical, electrical, and other matters. No matter what the problem with your car is, we will find the most efficient solution to your problem and solve it quicker. With the help of our experience as a service station, we have become the one and only local mechanic who can boast of this. All our staff handles specific parts of a car and they are experts in their respective jobs. Once your car stands in the service station of Formula Automotive, it will change for the better. Not only do we provide mechanized repairs we also provide auto electrical repairs, installation of accessories, and other car repairs and service quotations.

Trustworthiness of Formula Automotive Holden Servicing Greenslopes

The trustworthiness of our service station lies in the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere else with your car problems once you bring your car to us. All this was possible as we never stopped expanding our range of services. Our list is now the exclusive most range of services that cover all aspects of a car. The services we offer are:

  • Diagnostic and engine tuning
  • Lubrication and Fluid systems
  • Drive Shafts and rear differentials
  • Brake and clutch servicing, replacement and repairs
  • Mufflers and exhausts
  • Suspension and steering
  • Installation of 4WD accessories
  • Engine servicing, replacement, and repairs
  • Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  • Radiators and cooling systems
  • Emission and Engine control system.

Experts that can handle all problems regarding a particular part of the car are hired by us. All the staff is made of such experienced individuals who take their work very seriously. Also, they are supplied with the latest equipment which is required to make all the repairs mentioned above cheap and quick. The repairs are all performed to the topmost quality, so much so that you will the difference in your car once you get a service done by us.

Holden Service Greenslopes

Fundamentals we abide at Formula Automotive Holden Servicing Greenslopes

Strong work ethics are the fundamentals of any business and we follow the strictest code of honest business around. Our work ethics makes sure that all employees work diligently on every customer request. Our ethics play important role in our services to our valuable customers. We follow:

Customer Care and Services

For any queries or for any valuable feedback our customers want to give us, they can contact us via email or a call. We answer all doubts comprehensively and quickly. Service quotations are also booked by a call. We will bring you a quotation that will suit your schedule and tend to all the needs of your car.

Equipment and Repair Procedure

Most of the equipment we possess is the latest and state-of-the-art. This helps in figuring out and solving car problems quickly. We also follow strict procedure while performing repairs. There specific details that the car company or manufacturer passes down to us mechanics. We repair your car using those details only.

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