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With successful service stations in Greenslopes, East Brisbane, Greenslopes, Greenslopes, Dutton Park, Greenslopes, Fairfield, Annerley, Highgate Hill, and Kangaroo Point Formula Automotive car servicing Greenslopes covers a large range of area to get customers with all makes and models with varying requests. This makes us the car servicing with a lot of experience. Now imagine that we have been getting such requests for 26 years now. There are no car problems we can’t repair or replace when need be. We are helped by constantly changing high-tech equipment and details that are passed down to us by the manufacturers of various cars.

We provide long ranging services and repairs for your car. These services cover all the requests you might have but you still need some special services done on a periodical basis. For example, you should get your mufflers and exhaust system checked once in a year. During the rainy season, there are certain things you should keep in mind. There are certain systems in your car that can seriously get damaged when you drive in the rain too often. These are your steering, suspension, tire pressure, brake and clutch and axle and all machinery at the bottom of your car.

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Steering and Suspension services by Formula Automotive Car Servicing Greenslopes

Steering controls your direction, your turns and how basically your car moves on the road. Suspension, on the other hand, maintains the friction with the ground making sure your car doesn’t tip over. Together they make sure your vehicle gives a perfectly smooth and sturdy ride. However, when you drive in the rain, these systems can get loose and slippery. Your steering can turn too much and your suspension will be less as friction will be less.

Due to road abuse, your suspension can become ground-zero. This will wear out your car parts and even break them. So if your car suddenly starts giving you movement problems, it may be that of the parts down below. Another reason your suspension just won’t work after some time is because of wear and tear due to road strutt and unevenness. A faulty suspension may result in less vehicle and drive control. This will also result in acceleration in the wearing of tires.

We at Formula Automotive car servicing Greenslopes deal with this problem during each scheduled service. We check if your suspension and steering system is alright or not. If it is not, we test and replace the appropriate parts and then make sure everything fits in properly. This requires doing wheel alignment after servicing of steering and suspension system. Any change in this system may result in complete axle control of your tires. Hence wheel alignment adequately takes care of that problem.

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