Car servicing East Brisbane, take great pride in offering best in car servicing

Conveniently located near public transport, car servicing East Brisbane specialize in car servicing for all makes and models, including commercial fleet vehicles.With a key focus on keeping you and your family safe we offer personal service, delivered honestly and at a fair price and every mechanic stands ready to explain everything we do when we service your car.

Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality car service and repairs on all models… including four wheel drive and Diesel vehicles.

Car servicing East Brisbane mechanics can service your car and validate your log book, ensuring your warranty is protected. Every log book service includes a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection report designed to identify potential issues on your vehicle before they become major problems. We provide Transport Safety Certificate Inspections and are licensed to undertake air conditioning servicing and repairs. We also provide Safe testing, a fast efficient method of testing vehicle brakes, wheel alignment and shock absorbers – on the car and under real performance conditions.

Our East Brisbane workshop is very well equipped with the latest on car disc brake lathe, power steering and cooling system flushing stations, Safe T Stop testing equipment along with wheel alignment and wheel balancing equipment. Do you wonder who will take care of your car as it disappears around the corner or up a ramp in the service workshop? Wouldn’t it be great if you could know that you’re entrusting your car to a friendly, familiar person? Well, now you can.

car servicing East Brisbane

Skilled and Experts: Offering Best Car Servicing East Brisbane

An independent mechanic has the required skills and expertise to give your car the best service in town. And there are many other benefits to be enjoyed when you use an independent service and repair centre rather than an official dealership.

  • Knowing your mechanic

Dealing with an independent local repair shop instead of a dealership, means you benefit from direct contact with your mechanic. Because this kind of business is likely to be smaller than a dealership and have less staff, you’ll receive a personal level of service. You don’t have to rely on a receptionist to pass your concerns on to a mechanic; you can speak with the mechanic yourself, and if you’re a regular customer, they’ll know you and your vehicle.

  • Better service quality

The healthy competition in the independent auto repair shop industry means each business needs to offer the best possible service to compete. You can rely on the fact that independent operators will go the extra mile to impress you and retain your business.

  • Huge savings in service costs

Big dealerships are notorious for the hefty price tags they levy on labour and parts. Smaller independent repair shops will offer the same level of quality service but at a much more affordable cost.

  • Professionally certified mechanics

Independent auto shops ensure that their mechanics have the relevant certifications and professional training to be able to do every aspect of maintenance on every kind of car, from the simplest to the most complex.

Your car will receive a superior-quality maintenance service at, car servicing East Brisbane our highly skilled, expert mechanics are qualified to work on all makes and models, and provide a range of services from minor to major mechanical repairs.

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