Car servicing Coorparoo want you to be careful before going on a road trip

Road trips are fun. It’s always exciting to get out and see new places and explore different terrains. But things can go terribly wrong if you don’t prepare properly. By preparing properly Car servicing Coorparoo don’t mean you need to do a full overhaul of your vehicle; it’s simple things, just to make sure you have a great trip.

Here are your tick-off points from Car servicing Coorparoo:

  1. Test-drive

Before going on holiday or a road trip, take a drive on the highway with your windows rolled up (no air con) and try to listen to any noises or peculiar sounds.

  1. Fluids

At your local auto centre, check that all your fluids such as engine, brake, water and oil are all full and in order.

  1. Brakes

Your pads can also be checked at your local automotive centre to ensure safety during your trip.

Car Servicing Coorparoo
  1. Tyres

You should inspect your tyres to see if there might be any foreign objects in it, if it looks flat or if there’s a bulge. Check for the correct pressure and tread as well.

  1. Phone charger

Make sure that your mobile phone can be charged while driving. You never know when you may need to make a call or use it for navigational purposes.

  1. Map/Navigation unit

Keep an old-school map of Australia in the boot of your car. Although you will no doubt have a digital navigation system, you never know if the signal may be lost in the area of your travels.

  1. Emergency kit

Anything can happen. You could stop for a rest and your child could fall and cut themselves on a rock. Have bandages ready with disinfectant solutions. A small emergency kit won’t break the bank.

  1. Enough snacks

Especially with kids in the car, you want to make sure there are enough snacks and drink so that they don’t get too bored or hungry. Pile it up and enjoy it. You don’t get to go on road trips every day.

  1. Windscreen wipers

In a rainstorm, you want to be sure your wipers are working properly so that you can see what’s in front of you. Ensure they are in good working order.

  1. Indicators and lights

Have someone check the brake lights are working as well as the indicators on all four corners of the car. Make sure to replace any of the globes that may be weaker or not working at all.

See, that was easy enough. Now you can go on your road trip with a clear conscious and a sense of safety.

Happy Journey from Car servicing Coorparoo.

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