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We call ourselves the technicians with the right formula because we have all the components of what makes a great car service center. First of all, we provide a range of repairs that covers everything your car needs. These services are provided with the help of latest technology as we believe that your car needs the best. The staff that operates on your automobiles and this equipment is experienced in repairing all makes and models of cars and other classes of vehicles we repair at our service station. The cherry on top is the trust that all the customers have placed in us for long 26 years as we treated their cars to the best our ability.

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Muffler and Exhaust Repair Services By Formula Automotive Car Service Woolloongabba

Repair and services of your automobiles are our livelihoods. We provide mechanized repairs for all class of motorized vehicles like small vehicles, passenger vehicles, 4 wheel drives, all wheel drives etc. To cover these many classes of vehicles, our list of repairs is very long and covers most parts of all vehicles. Mufflers and exhausts are a part of all such vehicles and hence their repair is very important and crucial as far as a mechanic is concerned. Formula Automotive Car Service Woolloongabba provides testing and replacement of your mufflers and exhausts when you bring your car in for service.

Your mufflers and exhausts are the hard-core part of your car that are subjected to weather conditions, road conditions and wear and tear. This can damage them overtime or if you travel muddy roads too often. Keeping your mufflers and exhaust system clean and in top shape really has its benefits. Your exhaust system controls the emissions your car makes. If the exhaust pipe is not in shape, you could make dangerous emissions like Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide. This could harm the environment as well as asthmatic people. Mufflers and exhausts also make lots of engine noises when they are not clean.

Therefore, your exhaust systems perform many important tasks:

  • It changes the direction of engine exhaust away from the inside of the car
  • Reduces harmful emissions in the atmosphere
  • Reduces the engine noises

We at Formula Automotive Car Repair Woolloongabba provide concise and comprehensive muffler and exhaust system services so that it is safe from all the wear and tear. For this, it is really necessary that you get your exhaust system and mufflers checked once a year.

Other Services at Formula Automotive Car Service Woolloongabba

We provide all kinds of mechanized repairs that include but is not limited to mufflers and exhausts, brakes and clutch system, suspension and steering system, engine tuning and replacement, battery testing, charging, and replacement, drive shafts and rear differentials, radiators and cooling systems and lubrication and fluid systems and various other services. All these services are provided at all our service stations in Greenslopes, Annerley, Fairfield, Woolloongabba, Highgate Hill, Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane, Norman Park and Dutton Park.

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