The Right Formula for Car Service in Woolloongabba

Need honest, reliable car service in Woolloongabba? Formula Automotive is the area’s best choice for auto maintenance and repairs. For over twenty-five years, we’ve serviced all makes and models of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Our skilled mechanics have what it takes to conquer any car problem and get you back on the road. Whether it’s suspension, transmission, engine, air conditioning, or brake issues, or anything in-between, we can handle it. Our workshop on Balaclava Street in Woolloongabba has the latest diagnostic equipment to evaluate your car, and the best professional technicians to fix it. We’re also an RACQ-approved workshop where members get priority service from a dependable garage. When you need an affordable, trustworthy mechanic, turn to Formula Automotive. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Air Conditioning Woes? We’ll Help Cool You Down

Everyone dreads losing air conditioning in their car. Nothing else makes you more miserable. Did you know that your system can lose up to 20% of its refrigerant every year? Take advantage of our preventive maintenance for your car’s air conditioning system. Our new microprocessor-controlled automatic equipment will flush your a/c system of old oil and refrigerant; then we’ll replace them with fresh oil and HFC-134a refrigerant. We even service and retro-fit older models to comply with new ozone requirements. Don’t wait until your system goes out and you’re stuck driving in a sauna, get your car in for a professional inspection at our car service shop in Norman Park. We’ll look at hoses, test pressure, check for leaks, and make sure everything is functioning at top efficiency.

Electrical System Shockers

Batteries might seem to be the culprit in many automotive electronic problems, but they only do some of the work. Most of the electrical current your vehicle uses is produced by the alternator, which job is also to recharge the battery. The battery, then, is only used for starting the engine and operating systems like the windows and the radio when the engine is turned off. People are often surprised by this, and it’s why a complete inspection of your system is needed to diagnose the cause of electrical problems. At Formula Automotive we use the right formula of state-of-the-art computer diagnostics combined with old-fashioned hands-on inspection to get the best fix for your car. Our mechanics are trustworthy and honest, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle’s in good hands when you need car service in Norman Park.

Our service techs also do a wide range of log book service, RWC inspections, and 4WD accessory installation. We use only quality parts, like Penrite oils and Ryco filters to ensure you get the best value. Our mechanics are trained in all 4WD areas, from suspensions to roof racks. We are also an authorised Couplertec dealer. For rust-proofing, Couplertec is the industry leader in rust prevention, with over 750,000 systems installed worldwide.

To get more information on Couplertec, or to book service for your vehicle, call us on (07) 3392 3655.

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