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Over the year of our service, we, Formula Automotive Car Service Kangaroo Point have received some unique and many common car problems. These car problems scaled to many cars of every make and model. To help our customers more, we even created a network of communication with the car manufacturers so that they could help us help you better. We kept on adding equipment and experienced staff just to facilitate our services. Our complete range of repairs and services now covers virtually anything that can go wrong with your car. In addition to that, we provide log book servicing, couplertec rust tests, pollution control through ARC certifications, RWC inspections and service quotations.


Now after mentioning all our services, we would like to focus your attention on one of the rare repairs of your car. It is the air conditioner. Driving through the tough Australian heat, one thing is pretty clear, if your car’s air conditioner is not working properly, you are in for a big suffering.

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Air Conditioning Problems Treated at Formula Automotive Car Service Kangaroo Point

There are a lot of problems your car could face because of faulty air conditioning system. Let’s see each of them while explaining the defects of the air conditioning system. These may be anything ranging from system regas to flushing the system.

  • System Regas: Your car AC loses 20% refrigerant every year. This makes it less efficient and a less than the efficient system can cause fungus, microbes and other bacteria to get jammed inside the evaporator causing smell and can even cause an allergic reaction.
  • Leaks and pressure testing: Servicing your air con can be very beneficial as opposed to a common myth ACs are not just useful during summers but throughout the year. Not only do they keep you cool in summers, in humid conditions, they evaporate the excess moisture and act as a ventilation system when needed. They even fasten the process of window defrosting.  
  • Installation and servicing: We at Formula Automotive Car Service Kangaroo Point are professionals who are experts in installing and servicing all kinds of air conditioning systems. We check for leaks, damage, spare parts and new parts. We have high-tech equipment to make your air conditioning system to be 100% reliable.
  • Pipes and hose repairs: Your air conditioning system contains many pipes and these can lead to leaks. Any ignored leakage in a car is inviting disasters. The most common area is the rubber hose section. But don’t you worry. Technicians at Formula Automotive Car Service Kangaroo Point can repair any pipe or hose leakage within your car.
  • Air conditioner system flushing: We have found a new equipment that purges all that used compressor oil, old gas, microbes, and dirt of the air conditioning system. This is called flushing and this automatic equipment cleans your air conditioning system to its optimum state.

Choose Formula Automotive Car Service Kangaroo Point for your car service and repairs each time and every time.

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