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For 26 years, Formula Automotive Car Service Highgate Hill has worked towards making the lives of car owners easier. We have stocked new equipment, parts, experienced staff, and information just for your convenience. Year after year, we increased the number of services we provide, so that once a car arrives at our workshop, it doesn’t leave without its optimum repairs. We are licensed by the government of Queensland to provide RWC inspections and we are ARC certified. It hasn’t been all smooth and easy. We worked hard beyond any expectations, just to provide quick and efficient repairs and services to everybody. This is how Formula Automotive works and this is our main objective.

Repairs at Formula Automotive Car Service Highgate Hill

Our technicians are experts in their respective fields. They have skills to operate on any make and model provided by the various car manufacturers. We provide mechanized repairs for all classes of vehicles. These include small vehicles, passenger vehicles, trailers, trucks, diesel vehicles, 4 wheel drives, and all wheel drives. We are assisted in our repairs with the information that is passed down to us by the car manufacturers themselves. This gives us intel about what kind of parts and repairs are compatible with your vehicle.

We provide repairs for your engine tuning and replacement, battery testing, charging, and replacement, mufflers and exhausts, steering and suspension, manual and automatic transmissions, brake and clutch system, emission control system, EFI and Engine management systems, drive shafts and rear differentials, radiators and cooling systems, lubrication and fluid systems, and even installation for the accessories on your 4WD.

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Services at Formula Automotive Car Service Highgate Hill

With your tight schedule, it is almost impossible to remember to bring your car in for regular servicing if you have realized the importance of frequent servicing. If you haven’t, please do or you could end up shortening the life of your car by many years. We at Formula Automotive Car Service Highgate Hill, provide efficient log book servicing. We provide first log book service, scheduled log book service, and fleet log book service. This makes it our job to remind you that your car needs servicing and your job is to just keep driving it without ever worrying about its well-being.

Customer Care at Formula Automotive Car Service Highgate Hill

Availability is the one thing that most car services lack. We provide help to you via our telephone number and also by our email id. We have a high response rate on all queries that we receive. We even provide tow service, so that we can come handy when your car breaks down. The customized service quotations that we create for your particular needs will not be found anywhere else. These cover all the parts of your car. We base the service schedule to fit in with your schedule and your driving data and weather conditions define the kind of servicing your vehicle requires. All the services provided at Formula Automotive are done at a first-grade level and your cars are absolutely safe with us.

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