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We at Formula Automotive Car Service Fairfield have provided successful mechanized repairs and maintenance services to thousands of cars in our 26 years of service. We have accumulated in addition to years of experience, the trust of locals of all the suburbs like Greenslopes, Dutton Park, East Brisbane, Norman Park, Coorparoo, Fairfield, and Annerley. The locals of these suburbs have always trusted us to provide the quality service to their automobiles and vehicles of all classes like small vehicles, passenger vehicles, all wheel drives, Four wheel drives, and diesel vehicles.

Services Provided at Formula Automotive Car Service Fairfield

A large range of services are required to cover all the issues ailing your vehicle. Sometimes there is just a problem with the functionality of your car and sometimes a part of your car stops working. Some service stations just take care of your functionality needs and others just sell parts. We on the other hand provide all the necessary equipment to repair your functionality and we also provide testing, charging and replacement of all parts of your car. We deal with local as well as imported cars and of every make and model. The services provided here at Formula Automotive Car Service Fairfield include:

  • Engine tuning and other services
  • Battery charging and replacement
  • Suspension and steering
  • Brake and Clutch systems
  • Radiators and cooling systems
  • 150 point check
  • Fluid and lubricant system
  • Other checks
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Other Salient Features of Formula Automotive Car Service Fairfield

Apart from repair services, we provide service quotations for our logbook services. These services are done to make your vehicle pollution-proofed, check the running condition of all the important parts, repair and reduce wear and tear of the car parts . The services are:

  • ARC certificate
  • Auto Electrical Services
  • Logbook Services
  • Couplertec
  • Air conditioning services
  • RWC inspections

Let’s see some of these services in detail.

Couplertec refers to the electronic rust-proofing equipment. Rust causes your machinery to die out a lot sooner than its original lifetime. Even on an old vehicle if the machinery is kept rust-proof then the old machine could pull off many years for you. With our latest equipment, we rust proof your car parts and thus protect your machinery from all the regular wear and tear.

ARC certifications are given after checking the ozone-depleting ranges of your car. We can then fit machinery on the new machines and retrofit machinery on the old machines.

Auto electrical equipment is used to determine what is wrong with your machine. When a machine’s defect our pinpointed repairing it becomes easy. We acquired this equipment especially to reduce the repairing time of your vehicle. We understand the urgent needs attached to your vehicle and thus strive to repair it sooner and sooner.

Why choose Formula Automotive?

Formula Automotive has experienced staff with state of the art equipment. Our customer care is always at your beck and call. Contact us and find out more about Formula Automotive. We can help you with any query you might have and also talk about the service quotation we can provide custom-made just for you.

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