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You’ve searched wide and far but still, no trustworthy mechanic crossed your sight. You’ve bought a new car and you don’t want to hand it over to a mechanic who can’t be trusted to do what all they said they will. Ask people around Woolloongabba. They will just take one name they’ve been taking for the past 26 years and trusting them to be available whenever they face any car problems. Such is the service of Formula Automotive Car Repairs Woolloongabba. We have always fixated on building trust with our customers and we have realized that trust is the essence of running a good business.

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With great service comes the responsibility to make it available to as many people as can. Formula Automotive Car Repairs Woolloongabba provides mechanized repairs and maintenance services to all vehicle classes like passenger vehicles, small vehicles, diesel vehicles, All wheel drives, and 4 wheel drives and also all makes and models of different car manufacturers. All suburbs around Woolloongabba, Annerley, Dutton Park, Fairfield, Greenslopes, Highgate Hill, Kangaroo Point, Woolloongabba, and East Brisbane have the special Formula Automotive services.

The repair services that are being offered at Formula Automotive feature a range like never before. There are exclusive services being provided including the special details that get passed down by the specific car manufacturers. In addition to all the repairs of various car parts, we test and replace the parts that have been damaged and can result in future hazards. Such services are not often provided for transmission and gearbox system. This is because without major problems there are usually no symptoms that your gearbox system is the one causing problems.

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Transmission and Gearbox System Repairs at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Woolloongabba

As the gearbox is generally avoided while servicing, it can gather up problems over the course of working. Even if the owner realizes that gearbox is causing problems, they just wish that it will work itself out as there is no service center which will repair your gearbox. This can result in heavy damage if it is not treated at the right time. Formula Automotive Car Repairs Woolloongabba gives off this exclusive repair at its fair price.

Firstly, gearbox or transmission problems are not just hydraulic and also mechanical. It is found that electric problems could also lead to gearbox malfunction. Hence, the mechanic who can treat your gearbox would have to have knowledge of both engine control and transmission operation. This shouldn’t be a problem for Formula Automotive with their experienced staff to solve all such problems. Gearbox testing and replacement are now one of the services provided at Formula Automotive Car Repair Woolloongabba. It does make a huge difference if your car has manual or automatic transmission system. But we can handle both of them because of our qualified staff and high-tech equipment. Get your gearbox checked today!

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