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Why we emphasize on inspection and maintenance

Formula Automotive Car repairs Greenslopes, are a team of mechanics dedicated to providing you the very best in vehicle servicing and automotive repairs.

Conveniently situated in the city of Brisbane in the Suburb of Woolloongabba, Formula Automotive Car Mechanics offer quality car servicing for most makes and models, including commercial fleet vehicles, four wheel drives and Diesel vehicles. Give us a call now and get your vehicle fixed with Formula Automotive Car Mechanics Repair Centre!

Standard inspection and exhaust emission test

Whenever your vehicle is due for it’s 2 yearly manufacturer’s general routine inspection and exhaust emission tests, our automotive workshops is capable of performing all the required task. And if you’d like, we can check your vehicle beforehand to rectify any possible problems.

Inspection – Formula Automotive Car Repairs Greenslopes

It is recommended that you have your vehicle thoroughly checked at frequent intervals to be sure you always reach your destination safely and securely. We provide the required professional inspection and expert repair work – without loss of manufacturer warranty coverage.

Shock absorbers – a hazard in waiting

50% of road accidents can be attributed to the degraded condition of shock absorbers in cars more than tens years old or with an increase of than 150,000 km on the odometer. And serious issues could even be within 9% of vehicles only three years old. Definitely worth knowing: Faulty dampers can cause the braking distance to take up to up to 20 percent longer and substantially increase tire degradation. In addition to that they decrease adhesion and damage cornering balance. So we advise getting your shock absorbers looked at by a professional technician at regular times.

Car Repairs Greenslopes

Our professional advice. Car Repairs Greenslopes residents rely on.

Risk of accident! Basic safety systems in your vehicle like ABS will not likely work with defective or damaged shock absorbers? Even the braking distance is far higher than for a car without ABS. So we highly encourage regular shock absorber examination by a professional and prompt replacing in the welfare of your family’s safety. It is never smart to take on threats with safety.

Brakes as well as, Braking Systems play an essential role in safe practices, keeping your family free from danger whenever you are driving your vehicle. It is inevitable that your vehicle is maintained in a safe and perfect working condition to guarantee continued safe operation of your vehicle and also to protect the occupants of the vehicle.  

Irregular noises and strange behavior of the vehicle when you brake might not at first look like an immediate cause to be concerned, but braking safely and securely is not at all something you should take threats with.

Top quality mechanical service your vehicle needs

Formula Automotive Car Mechanics are the technicians with the right formula. This is actually the please for exceptional service for your vehicle. If you are seeking for professional advice, repairs or servicing works we can provide the full bundle. Therefore your vehicle is always in the most effective hands possible when you bring it to Formula Automotive Car Mechanics for maintenance and repair.

Formula Automotive Car Repairs Greenslopes – For everything your vehicle needs!

For risk-free car service from a reliable independent automotive workshop, you can rely on the experts at Formula Automotive Repair Centre – Greenslopes.

Formula Automotive Car Mechanics have comprehensive experience in brakes and braking systems, including assessments and brake repairs. Give us a call today if you have any concerns about your vehicle’s ability to brake safely and effectively. Formula Automotive Car Mechanics can provide you advice or examine your brakes to ensure they are functioning appropriately. One among our primary objectives is to keep you and your loved ones safe on the highway.

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