Exclusive Services Offered At Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield

As a car service, we boast a list of many services that you will not find at any ordinary car service. We at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield have learned that when a customer comes in with a broken down car, they don’t want to drag it to different service stations until they find the repairs they are looking for. We have worked hard over the years to expand our range of services so that no other customer has to face inconvenience. We included repairing equipment for all the necessary parts of your automobiles, log book services, and other quotations.

Radiators and Cooling Systems Repair At Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield

As radiators and cooling systems tend to be connected with the electrical systems more than mechanical systems, most service stations don’t have the facility to repair these systems. The cooling systems have many components. These contain a cooling fan, water pump, radiator, engine passages, and various hoses. All these components are subjected to coolant damages, corrosion damage. These can result in failures like radiator failures, water pumps, problems with engine gaskets, and hose failures. These problems seem secondary but if not treated on time, they can even cause engine damage.

The services required to fix the cooling system and all its components is done at Formula Automotive Car Repair Fairfield. We also include this service in your scheduled logbook service. All the components of your cooling system are thoroughly checked. We have experience in repairing and replacing all components of the cooling system, be it commercial, domestic, foreign or industrial. All car radiators are different and we only use the latest equipment to test your radiators and cooling system. Get your radiator checked today at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield.

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Other Exclusive services at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield

With your radiator and cooling system taken care off, we also take care of all other systems of your car. These range from your regular services like engine tuning, battery charging, brake and clutch servicing to the more uncommon one’s mufflers and exhausts, drive shafts and rear differentials, mutual transmissions, and emission control. All these services are done at highest possible standards with our experienced staff and state of the art equipment. Not just that, we provide these services for all kinds of vehicles like passenger vehicles, small vehicles, diesel vehicles, all wheel drives and 4 wheel drives. We also provide 4WD accessory installation at fair prices. This makes up the service ladder of Formula Automotive Car Repairs Fairfield. We work to the best of our ability on every car that enters our service station. This makes us stand out as a car service center and builds trust with customers to come to us whenever their car faces any problems.

For any query that regards to our services or any other automotive repair related queries please contact us. We will make sure you aren’t disappointed. This is our service policy and we abide by it always.

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