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Your automobile has the responsibility of carrying your loved ones and your other precious cargo. If your car becomes faulty due to the negligence of the mechanic and then meets with an accident, that will be shameful to the whole profession. We at Car repairs Dutton Park firmly believe that while working on a car, no negligence is tolerable and 100% client satisfaction is necessary. There is no midway. We have earned a certain trust with all the locals and we adhere to strict rules to make sure we never betray that trust.

There are a certain critical set of car parts that govern the running state of your machine. If any negligence is done to these parts, then there will be some grave consequences. We at Formula Automotive work diligently day and night to avoid that from happening.

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Engine Tuning and other system repairs at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Dutton park

It is generally assumed that an engine diagnostic is run on the car when it comes to service. This is not the case. Unless you specifically ask for one, Engine is not checked unless of course, the check engine light is on. It is pertinent you get your engine checked at least annually. The engine is the heart of the car if it fails the car is as good as dead. We provide a full diagnostic test on your engine and are good with tuning whatever be the make or model.

Sometimes the engine can have problems with its head gasket or it can seize or start making horrible noises. In such cases, a choice needs to be made and it has to be calculated. Whether to change the car, fix the engine or replace the engine. We are good with any of those three choices. We can fix any engine, replace the old engine and install a new one and if you decide to buy a new car, don’t forget to get first logbook service with us.

Emission control to stop pollution

There is a pre-installed emission control system in your car. Emission control is required to stop harmful chemicals to release into the environment from the tailpipe of the car. Emission control also helps the engine to keep working cleanly in all sorts of operating conditions. When your engine is not working up to the par, your “check engine” light starts blinking. It is very vital that you get a check done on your engine once that light starts blinking. If not, your engine may start eating more fuel than required and cause dangerous emissions to the environment.

The working condition of your emission control is necessary as it controls your engine and exhaust systems. We at Formula Automotive Car Repairs Dutton Park do our bit of helping the environment by making all car engines as pollution free as we can. We even issue repairs pertaining to the ozone-depleting capacity of an automobile.

Call us or contact us via email to clear any doubt about our services. Formula Automotive Car Repairs Dutton Park is always at your service.

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