Formula Automotive – The technicians with the right formula. The experts in car repair Annerley has turned to for over 25 years. 

Whenever your vehicle needs any kind of car servicing and repairs performed on it, you would be pleased to know your vehicle will be worked on by reliable, professional mechanics. As we’ve experienced the mechanical industry for over a two and half decades. We can provide all of the complete mechanical services that you want. With vast knowledge of all sorts of vehicles, whether you drive a family car or a truck, we’ve got you covered. We are the number one choice for car repairs Annerley residents turn to.

It’s very important to us that your experience with any of our expert Mechanics is friendly and professional, our reputation as a garage with great results in the Annerley area is a result of the type of work we carry out on all makes of vehicles.

All Car Services Covered

You will be assured that at our Annerley – service workshop is capable of doing anything and everything that you want performed on your vehicle. That is why we are the experts for car repairs that Annerley has been coming to for over 25 years.

One of the many benefits of using an independent auto workshop service is that they are far more likely to factor out any mechanical problems, internal electrical faults, oil changes, coolant, or fluid leaks they find, and present you the choice of having it remedied before additional problems occur.

Car Repairs Annerley

Standard Car Services

Brand-new cars, normally up to 3 years old, need to have car servicing performed by a main dealer in order to ensure the warranty. However, once out of warranty, getting the car serviced by a good independent auto workshop can quite often be 33% or more, less expensive when compared to a main agent. If you reside in the Annerley part of the city of Brisbane, there are only a few excellent, long established independent car servicing auto shops like Formula Automotive – to choose from.

The standard service, usually 5,000 kilometers and should cover the changing of engine oil and filters, examining fluid levels meant for coolant and brakes, and examining the cam belt tension and wear. Checking the engine unit, clutch, gearbox performance, brake pad wear, and visual checking of hoses and hydraulic marks.

While modern day vehicles are far more dependable than they were 30 years back, they have an awful habit of tempting people into an unrealistic sense of security. Some of those dashboard warning lamps which not only let you know a door is opened, or a light bulb has blown; but that your coolant levels are low, or your engine oil is below minimum requirement. Repairing it when the caution light glows, is typically too late, the lamp light frequently signaling the prelude to a much bigger, more expensive problem. Regular car servicing can avoid these problems, and points out further potential complications that can be averted with on time replacing of the wearing-off parts.

Recouping the associated Car Servicing and Repairs Costs

Regular servicing at Formula Automotive Car Servicing and Repairs in Annerley, will minimize your possibility of a roadside break down when out with your family or friends. You can even recoup a great deal of your servicing outlay when you sell an automobile with a complete service history, filled with bills for just about any repairs successfully executed, you can request a lot of money for the car. Often this means obtaining 2 Thousand Dollars or even more than for an identical car without service history.

Formula Automotive Servicing and Car Repairs Annerley will provide you with the complete selection of garage services to a variety of vehicles around Brisbane.

So if you are looking for Servicing and Car Repairs Annerley locals trust call on  Formula Automotive Car Servicing and Repairs, we are your best choice. To reserve your car for our diagnosis and services, feel free to contact us on

Email: info@formulaautomotive.com.au

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