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49 Balaclava St. Woolloongabba, QLD 4102


Best Car Mechanics Dutton Park for you

At Car Mechanics Dutton Park, our centers are designed and equipped for providing best services and task of all the types of vehicles. We do organize safety certification services. When we start any project for  your vehicle servicing, first of all we start with a complete and deep check so that your car will not trouble you again and again, and if we find anything urgent repairs is required or need to be done as soon as possible, we’ll explain you everything that what is need to be done and why this repairing is required. We will not undertake any repair or servicing without your authority. We also inform you about all the mechanical and electrical defaults we came to know, and you can trust on us that we will provide best free quote to you.

We are having digital technology in our workshop to computerized diagnostic so that it will provide all the help to our technicians to locate faults accurately and more quickly so that our customers are more satisfied and happy with our work. We can easily handle all the electric and mechanical problems of all the vehicles including every model. Our services includes:

  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Tyres alignment
  • Tyre balancing
  • Transmission automatic systems
  • Radiators system experts
  • Cooling system experts
car mechanics Dutton Park

Car Mechanics Dutton Park is specialists in repair and service work of any kind or model of vehicle

Whenever you need a experienced car mechanics, book in our services or come to the center, we and our team of expert are always ready to guide you about everything. We are always there to help you.Whenever you cars need the attention, our qualified and experienced car electrician and car mechanics are the one you can rely upon. Our workshop is centrally located and we will always provide you best prices and the best services. You can always trust on us and our services to provide best car service at very reasonable prices. We provide all our services with full guarantee and also provide manufacturers warranties on the parts and components we use.

Whatever you are looking for, either it is log services for your car, or repairing and servicing, maintenance of any electrical and mechanical part, Car Mechanics Dutton Park workers are very confident that we will handle everything and provide you best services so keep you more satisfied with all the good and competent workers, reliable, honest and friendly services with in good competitive prices.

At Car Mechanics Dutton Park all our workers are backed up with good training and provide the best support for you.

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