What is a Car Aircon Brisbane Service Offers & How Much It Costs?

As temperatures are finally starting to rise on the dashboards, it’s officially that time of the year again. With one hand welcoming the sun and the other hand opening the car door to a wall of trapped heat! The first protocol is turning the air conditioning on before the engine has even had the chance to turn over. That being said the importance of having a car air conditioning service is not recognized until there is an issue.

Garages can add in additional elements into their air conditioning packages but typically included in a car air conditioning service is an anti-bacterial clean, as well as a gas recharge and a check for leaks carried out by a vacuum test. It is recommended by most car manufacturer to service the air conditioning every 2-3 years and recharge with gas and lubricant, when the refrigerant is low the air conditioning will blow warmer air. As a result, the car’s air conditioning will have to work twice as hard to try and pump cold air which also puts strain on your engine and impacts fuel consumption.

Car Aircon Brisbane always check the finer details of your quote for air conditioning work as different garages will provide extras like parts or de-bugging included. The de-bug is simply to remove any odors in your car’s air conditioning system which results in cleaner air.

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How Do I Know My Car Air Conditioning Needs A Service?

Car Aircon Brisbane: In a nutshell without taking the car in for a check-up will always provide a full diagnostic of what parts need replenished or changed. However there are a few obvious signs that will indicate if an air conditioning service is required. Firstly, put the air conditioning on full blast and do the following steps:

  1. Listen – For any unusual noises or sounds coming from the air conditioning system.
  2. Feel – If the pressure of the air is changing or if the temperature is no longer icy to touch.
  3. Smell – If there is a bad smell coming from your vents there could be a leak.
  4. Listen – Under the bonnet for the compressor which gives of a clicking noise, this is the compressor engaging and disengaging.

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