Good car air conditioning Brisbane repair service can be tough to find  

  • Internet will come up with a bunch of mechanics in your area but how do you know if you can trust them?  
  • How long will you have to wait to get your vehicle looked at?  
  • How much will all the repairs cost?

Good car air conditioning Brisbane repair service can be especially difficult to find because most air conditioning systems are very difficult to diagnose.  Unlike your vehicle’s engine or other systems like the airbags or stability control system, your air conditioning system doesn’t have a dedicated computer or module that can report back on how the system is working.  There is no warning light on your dash letting you know your refrigerant is low, or there is an odd pressure somewhere in your system.

Without the help of a computer to read the sensors in your air conditioning system, the shop performing your car air conditioning repair services needs to have specialty equipment to try and diagnose these problems.  This equipment can range in cost from $50 for a set of mechanics AC gauges to over $10,000 for an automated recovery and refill unit that will also have a leak detection system.  Even with the most advanced car air conditioning Brisbane service units, it can still be difficult to tell what’s going on in your system.  This is because your air conditioning system only has a few service ports where pressure can be checked.  If your system doesn’t have the ability to check the pressure before and after each component it is impossible to tell where the problem is.

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This lack of diagnostic options leave many shops to the guess and check method of repair.  This means, they make their best guess as to where the problem is based on their experience, replace the component they think is broken, then check to see if it got things working again.  If they guessed right the first time, your bill may be low, but if they didn’t then you will be paying to replace good equipment and end up with a high repair bill.

The good news is you may not need air conditioning repair services at all!  The most common problem with automobile air conditioners is a slow leak caused by vibrations and temperature swings.  Rather than spending lots of money on diagnostics with fancy machinery, try performing your own car air conditioning repair service by using car air conditioning Brisbane.

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