Exclusive Benefits on Car Repairs of the Formula Automotive Service Greenslopes

Quality workmanship has been a factor in our daily proceedings for about 26 years now. Locals have always found that we do all the repairs and services of your car in the top-notch quality. We are the automotive service Greenslopes has always trusted. We are Formula Automotive: the technicians with the right formula. We also keep track of our availability because your car may need help anytime.

Trustworthy Automotive Service Greenslopes

Over the course of our active years, we have expanded our range of repairs and services and increased our skill levels so that these repairs and effects of the service last longer for your convenience. Our range covers parts and areas of your automobile that are not serviceable anywhere but here. These services are:

  • Mufflers and exhausts
  • Radiators and cooling system
  • Engine testing and replacement
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • Manual and automatic transmissions
  • Rear differentials and driving shafts
  • Axle alignment and steering alignment
  • Emission control system
  • Lubricant and fluid system
  • Brake and clutch systems
  • Steering and suspension
  • 4WD accessories
  • Auto-electrical repairs

These repairs and services are performed by our capable technicians with the latest market equipment. As mentioned above, this collection is exclusive and has never been done under a single roof before. We developed so that your car gets what’s best for it.

Automotive Service Greenslopes

Reasons to choose Formula Automotive Service Greenslopes

We have always upheld the trust of the locals all around Greenslopes because we have consistently maintained the standard of our services.

Availability of the Customer Care

Our customer care is available to all its customers via telephone and email. Our responses are fast and comprehensive. They deal with your query and also explain the necessary details to avoid further issues. You will never feel that are responses are half-assed or as though they are made for formality. After-care services are our responsibility and we provide them optimally.

Latest Technology and Equipment

State-of-the-art equipment is a necessity of a mechanic as it increases the ability of a technician to increase the speed and efficiency of the repairs. If a service station values your convenience in a situation where your schedule is tight and need for the vehicle is high, they surely value you as a customer and care about only your convenience. Latest equipment is the key feature of Formula Automotive Service Greenslopes.

Skilled Staff

All our employees are trained and taught about providing only the best service to all our customers. We have hired people who are nothing short of experts in their fields. They figure the cause of your problem and then repair it with the equipment we provide. This brings their thoughts to reality and they are able to repair your vehicle sooner. Our staff is also provided with the manufacture-passed-down-details which make their work compatible with the car needs.

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For getting the ultimate service and mechanized repairs contact Formula Automotive Service Center today and get all repairs at the fairest price.

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