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Formula Automotive Service Dutton Park is one of the most trusted car services out there. This has been possible because of the strict service standards that we maintain in all our operations. Your car is not just a vehicle. It is the transportation that drives your family off to work or school or any other destinations. Any negligence in its service or repairs could be very hazardous for you and that is why you always want what is best for your car. That is what we provide if not better. We realize the importance of our profession and do it with an utmost sense of duty.

The negligence to your car’s battery, engine, pipes, wiring can lead to major blasts or deterioration in your control of the car. The results could not be worse and hence, while choosing a mechanic, always choose what has been trusted for the longest period of time, like Formula Automotive Service Dutton Park.

Repairs Regarding your Engine and it’s Tuning at Formula Automotive Service Dutton Park

Had your “Check Engine” light on for quite some time? Get your car checked immediately because if your “Check Engine” light is on, the problem is already in its severe state. It is not always necessary to get your engine checked only when the light blinks. At least an annual checkup is recommended by all manufacturers. Getting it cleaned and serviced will also increase the longevity of your vehicle and the engine itself. Formula Automotive Service Dutton Park provides an entire repair section dedicated to your engine which consists of diagnosing problems, repairing, cleaning and providing guidelines to avoid mishappenings.

The noise your car makes while it runs is a huge indicator of the status of your car’s engine. A horrible noise indicates garbage in engine pipes. Sometimes it can be a problem in the head gasket or your engine can just seize. These problems are better treated if they are prevented as an engine seize can result in an accident. To prevent it, regular servicing is not an option but a compulsion. We also supply engines in case your car needs a replacement and can also install it for you.

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Emission Control System of your car Checked at Formula Automotive Service Dutton Park

We all are aware of the harmful pollutants our vehicles give out in the atmosphere. To stop this newer technology emission control systems are now pre-installed in all cars to reduce the pollution in the environment. However, as your car is exposed to weather and road conditions, your system can get filled with garbage and this ends up in incomplete combustion in your engine which further leads to more harmful pollutants and less economic rate of your car. All this can be saved by getting a pollution certificate now and then and also by getting your engine serviced regularly.

So get all necessary parts and machines of your car checked, repaired and serviced at Formula Automotive Service Station and enjoy driving your vehicle for years to come.

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