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Visit an Auto Electrician  Woolloongabba Trusts and see if You Notice These Common AC Unit Issues

Just like all Australian towns and cities, Woolloongabba and Norman Park are no stranger to hot weather conditions. There’s nothing worse than climbing into a stuffy car in the morning that’s been left to bake in the summer heat, and matters become worse when you find your AC unit isn’t working properly. Unfortunately, most employers won’t accept a broken AC unit as a good enough reason to excuse you from work, meaning you need to do whatever you can to ensure your car can cool down efficiently at all times.

No matter how expensive or new your vehicle is, it’s bound to run into problems at some point or another, and AC unit issues are among the most common vehicle faults. Of course, you could try to repair your AC unit without professional help to save money, but you don’t want to risk making things worse if you need your car daily. Thankfully, it’s easy to find an auto electrician in Woolloongabba that completes repairs to an exceptionally high standard for an affordable price.

At Formula Automotive, we’ve built our excellent reputation for over 25 years by providing a high-quality, efficient repair service for all road vehicles, the is why we are the auto electrician Woolloongabba residents turn to. We only use parts from respected manufacturers, such as Ryco and Penrite, and we’re an RACQ approved workstation thanks to our dedication to the industry. If you notice any of the problems listed below with your AC unit, now might be the time to give us a call.

Signs You Should Call an Auto Electrician Woolloongabba Expert

Unfortunately, car problems are a fact of life, and though a broken AC unit may not be life-threatening, it certainly makes driving uncomfortable in the Australian heat. If you notice the following problems with your AC unit, you might want to call an auto electrician in Norman Park.

  • Bad smells – Bad smells occur when bacteria and other micro-organisms take refuge in a dormant AC unit. Your AC’s moist and dark interior makes the perfect habitat for these unwanted pests, but a qualified auto electrician can eliminate them quickly, giving you the comfort you need to drive safely.
  • Blocked condenser – Your AC’s condenser cools the refrigerant vapours present in your compressor, but a build-up of grime and dirt can constrict the air flow and prevent efficient cooling. A qualified auto electrician can use high-quality, commercial cleaning products to return your AC’s components to full-working order.
  • Mechanical complications – In reality, though build-ups of bacteria and dirt can wreak havoc on your car’s AC unit, mechanical complications such as a defective valve, malfunctioning compressor clutch, and pressure switch issues can all lead to AC unit failures.

The Bottom Line

If you notice any glaring problems with your car’s AC or think it may not be working properly, you might want to visit our auto electrician Woolloongabba professionals to diagnose and fix the problem. We’re easy to reach from Woolloongabba and Norman Park, so contact us today to return your car to its former glory.

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