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Getting your car serviced is a time of your schedule you have to make time for. You will take your vehicle to the service station and then you will have to explain to the mechanic what all he has to do. Then he will tell you what he can and cannot do. After that, you will have to sit around because you don’t trust your mechanic to take good care of your car. After that, he will take a lot of time to repair your car. After two or three visits you finally get your car back but now you have to take it to another car service which provides the services your mechanic didn’t. This will again take your resources and time. How about you skip all of this hassle and bring your car to Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Fairfield?

We will listen to all your problems and give you a concrete solution for every one of them. You won’t have to sit around because of it just a visit and a round of service you will realize that we take excellent care of all the vehicles that arrive at our service station. You don’t have to go anywhere else after you bring your car to us. We provide every possible service that your car could require. Another topic is the price and time. We have special equipment which helps us to recognize the exact location of the problem and also whether the part should be replaced or not. This way our repairs are definitely quicker than the other service stations. Our prices are legit and nominal. After having your car serviced by us you won’t have any problem handing over the money we are asking. So we make the chore of getting your car serviced a walk through the park.

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List of Repairs and Services at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Fairfield

Since we are talking about getting your car serviced, our workshop provides customizable service quotations and logbook services. This way the upkeep of your car becomes our responsibility. We even take over the job of reminding you that it is time to get your car serviced. Be it fleet, first or scheduled logbook servicing, your car is in safe hands. You can set the servicing schedule according to your specific circumstances. We will make the best of the budget and time for your car. Another aspect of car services is the actual repairs. We cover every possible aspect of your car during the services we provide. No part will acquire garbage, dust or rust under our watch. Your vehicle will be the smoothest ride around. The list of services includes:

  • Brake and clutch check
  • Manual and Automatic Transmissions
  • Drive Shafts and Rear Differentials
  • Wheel Balancing and steering alignment
  • Fluid and Lubrication systems
  • 150 point check
  • Logbook Servicing
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Exhaust system
  • Under the vehicle
  • Installation of 4WD accessories
  • Engine Tuning
  • Battery checking and replacement
  • Diesel Service and Maintenance
  • Front-end

So get your car serviced at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Fairfield.

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