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Car service is an essential part of maintenance for your car. Apart from the car wash, car service is probably the only big car related chore every owner has to undertake. A car service should contain a separate section for every aspect of your car and all aspects should have regular checkups. These checkups should be scheduled according to the part’s needs, for example, an engine is required to be checked every year, the battery should be checked every six months, etc. These details are available in the manual that comes along with your car. It is filled with instructions and compatibility of repairs about every car part. All the repairs made at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician East Brisbane are made according to these details. This makes sure that repairs are well suited to your vehicle.

A service should also be well suited to your schedule. Your schedule does not need to move around your car service. Your car service should fit between your schedule. We provide completely customizable service quotations. We even remind you to come in for services so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring your car in. Now let’s see what all Formula Automotive provides.

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Auto Electrical Equipment at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician East Brisbane  

Does your mechanic make you come back again and again before finally handing your car over to you? This is because repairs of some parts can take longer amounts of time unexpectedly. While these longer times are in no way excusable, you can’t fault your mechanic. So what should you do? You should bring your car to Formula Automotive Auto Electrician East Brisbane. We have something special up our sleeve which allows us to make repairs faster than usual. This is the latest equipment in the world of car services. It is called the Auto Electrical Diagnostic Equipment. This equipment is used to find out the location of the fault. Once the fault is found, repairs don’t take much time as the mechanic doesn’t need to open up everything to check where the fault is. The additional benefit is that it also indicates whether a certain part should be replaced or repaired. This way it prevents wasteful replacements and worthless repairs. Here are some of the major parts that benefit from this equipment.

  • EFI and engine management system
  • Computer and keys programming
  • Auto-electrical Accessories
  • Battery repairs or replacement
  • Anti-lock Braking Systems
  • Fault repairs and maintenance

So now we can return your vehicles on the time we mentioned to you. There will be no unexpected repairs or costly replacements. You won’t even have to make return trips. This way our skilled technicians make repairs in record time and hand over your vehicle to you. We know how troubling it is to live without your vehicle.

Next time or whenever your car breaks down, you know who to go to. We will set up a service quotation for you and also guide you along the services we provide which could help your vehicle.

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