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We all know how hard it is to find a mechanic who can just cover all the car problems. After all, you don’t want to travel all around the city with a broken down car looking for necessary repairs. You will have to find someone for all the mechanized repairs, someone for auto-electrical solutions, someone for accessories, service quotations, emergency tow services, RWC inspections, rust and pollution control services etc. This definitely puts your mood against the idea of maintaining your car properly when it is pretty evident that without regular servicing your car average would come down, all metallic parts will acquire rust and dust, while every part of machinery will slowly start to degrade. So instead of that why not visit Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Dutton Park.

Here you will find all kinds of mechanized repairs, auto-electrical repairs, accessories, and other such services which cover anything and everything your car needs. We specialize in a very exclusive and long range of services. All the services at our service station are provided by experienced staff who are skilled in the respective repairs they were hired for. Hence, we are known for logbook servicing and other service quotations. We provide all-around service which takes care of your car and maintains its glory for years to come.

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Diagnostic Auto-Electrical Equipment at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Dutton Park

It is known that a great artist always requires the greatest tools. Likewise, the mechanics at our service station require the latest equipment which will help them provide you with faster and efficient car repairs. This is the reason you will always find the latest technology equipment at our service station. We possess auto-electrical diagnostic equipment which helps to find the exact point of the defect so that repairing could be initiated. Once the defect location is known, it doesn’t take much time to give your car back to you. This way we provide the fastest repairs around. One of the interesting characteristics of this equipment is that it will also tell us whether or not a certain car part is to be replaced or not. This way we can make sure if the part is worth repairing or not. Here’s a list of repairs this equipment helps with:

  • fault repairs and maintenance
  • auto computer and keys programming
  • auto-lock and braking system (ABS)
  • battery testing, charging, and replacement
  • auto-electrical accessories
  • EFI and engine management systems.

These are the repairs which are known for taking the most time and hence, using this equipment we are able to provide you with efficient repairs on time. After all, your schedule is crazy and you don’t want to live without your car for longer periods of time. Visit us and get all the solutions regarding the electrical parts of your car.

Apart from these, there are certain repairs which are a mixture of mechanical repairs and electrical repairing. We have technicians who can work on those too. This is the reason for having an all-rounder mechanic like us. We at Formula Automotive Auto Electrician Servicing Dutton Park, believe that a customer should get all the services under one roof.

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