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The list of services presented on this page represent the most common services we perform.

However, if you require a service not listed below, please call our office on (07) 3392 3655 and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs!

Battery Testing, Charging & Replacement

Many so-called battery problems are not the battery, but a charging fault. The alternator’s job is two-fold: to supply current for the vehicle’s electrical system and to maintain the battery at full charge. Normally, the battery is only used to crank the engine, to provide power for lights and accessories when the engine is not running and provide supplemental power when the demands of the vehicle’s electrical system exceed the output of the alternator.

Your vehicle’s battery supplies electrical power to the starter and the other electrical components of the vehicle needed to start the engine. When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems. The battery stores energy for the vehicle, and provides power to the electronic components as needed when the vehicle is off, like the music system, digital clocks, door locks, alarms, onboard computers, etc.

We will visually inspect the existing battery, and use test equipment to check its cranking amp capacity. When replacement is indicated, our technician will connect an external power source to the electrical system if needed to prevent loss of memory in your vehicle’s electrically powered accessories. We’ll then remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

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Fault Repairs & Maintenance

At Formula Automotive, Woolloongabba, we offer the full spectrum of auto-electrical services. In addition to repairing any electrical fault, we can also supply and fit any electrical accessories, batteries and lighting.

Our expert auto electricians will use state of the art, diagnostic equipment to find your auto electrical problems. Our team will then repair any problems quickly and skilfully. Book in for professional installations, from installing stereo systems to blue tooth and everything in between.

We also specialise in the latest electronic components, and regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we have the expertise and equipment to take great care of it.

Auto Computer & Keys Programming

All modern cars have a security system that requires a uniquely programmed transponder chip in your car key to disable the car’s immobiliser. Without the correct car key programming and code, your new car keys won’t start your car. Although this has decreased the amount of vehicle thefts, it can be mean a costly reprogramming if you have to go to a main dealer.

Here at Formula Automotive, we have the latest technology to ensure we can programme your car keys to correspond to your on-board computer and immobiliser by the road side. Even if you suspect someone has stolen your keys, you needn’t worry as we can erase the codes of your old keys from the memory of your on-board computer and reprogram it to accept new keys and a new code so you can be sure your car we be secure again.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS)

Formula Automotive Brake technicians are able to provide a complete ABS brake diagnostic and repair services at our Woolloongabba workshop. ABS is an abbreviation for Anti-Lock Brake System.

When the ABS brake system first appeared on cars and trucks the system was intended to prevent wheel lockup and skidding. Modern Anti-Lock brake systems also incorporate traction control that helps to prevent the wheels from spinning during speed increases.

ABS brake systems help to improve safe driving due to their ability to modulate hydraulic pressure more effeciently than a car driver depressing the brake pedal and will stop a car or truck in the shortest distance possible.

If you believe you are having problems with your ABS brake system schedule an appointment for a brake inspection at our workshop today!

Electronic Brake Systems used on trailers, camper trailers & caravans are also included in our range of brake services provided by our automotive technicians.

We are able to provide full servicing, maintenance and installation of Electronic Brake Systems for all types of “towed” configurations.


Auto Electrical Accessories

The only way to properly locate and fix a malfunctioning vehicle electrical system is to take it to experienced experts like Formula Automotive.

Vehicles available in Australia are more sophisticated than ever. From dashboard warning lights to automatic parking systems, technological advances in on-board auto electrical systems have come a long way. Most of these auto electrical systems enable your vehicle to run more efficiently, be more environmentally-friendly and improve safety for your passengers.

The more electrical systems that there are in these vehicles, the more complex the electrical faults that can occur.

Even for a highly-skilled mechanic, diagnosing a simple vehicle electrical system fault can be very challenging and some auto electrical repair shops are unable to help their customers.

Auto Electrical accessories

  • Brake controllers for trailers
  • Spot, driving and accessories lights
  • Winches and Anderson plugs
  • Caravan and camper rewiring
  • Fitting solar panels (car, caravan and tailor)

Our equipment and highly experienced, certified auto electricians allow us to stay a step ahead of other auto electrical repair shops. Our trusted auto electrical system repair service will provide you with a quick and efficient diagnosis so you can decide what steps to take next in the repair of your vehicle. We pride ourselves on being honest and consulting with you before making any major or expensive repairs to your vehicle.

EFI & Engine Management Systems

Inspecting your electronic fuel injection service and repairs is important in order to avoid more costly repairs down the road.

EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) Service and Repairs addresses some common problems of vehicles. These problems if addressed early can reduce repair costs and extend the life of your engine. A normal fuel injection is defined as a system for mixing fuel and air within an internal combustion engine.

At Formula Automotive we want to help you avoid large repair bills. We understand that proper maintenance means you spend a little now or a lot later. When you are having trouble with acceleration, pinging engine, hesitation, lack of power, stalling at cold temperatures, poor fuel economy you may have carbon build up in your fuel injection system.

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