Lost Your Car Keys? Call an Auto Electrician near Annerley Instead of Going to the Dealership

Few things pose a bigger hassle than losing your car keys. Not only are you left retracing your steps looking for your keys, but you also might be stranded, unable to drive your car. If you have a spare key, you can use that for a few days until you find your keys. If you lost your spare, though—or if it’s not immediately accessible—then your car essentially turns into a statue for a few days, immense and immovable.

If you need to be able to drive your vehicle ASAP, or if you’ve looked everywhere and are confident you’re not going to find your keys, you can call Formula Automotive Brisbane. We do a lot of auto electrical work near Annerley, including programming the automotive computer. If you need a replacement set of car keys for your vehicle, you can get your car towed to our shop, and we will program a new set of keys for you.

How Car Key Programming Works

Creating a replacement key for your car is different than replacing a key for your house. When it comes to making a copy of a house key, all you need to do is make a copy. Even if you’ve lost your keys, you can call a locksmith to rekey the locks and give you a new set of keys.

Making new keys for a modern automobile is harder. At manufacturing time, your car’s onboard computer was programmed to respond only to a key with the necessary transponder chip. This chip—which is a part of your car’s key—is responsible for disabling the car’s immobiliser. With the immobiliser engaged, you can’t start your car, and you can’t go anywhere. As a result, creating a new set of keys is a matter of reprogramming the car’s onboard computer to respond to a different transponder chip.

Why You Should Take Your Car to an Auto Electrician near Annerley Instead of the Dealer

Most drivers will opt to take their vehicles to a dealership if they lose their car keys. There is logic behind this decision: the dealer is most familiar with the onboard computer systems for the cars they sell. In fact, some drivers assume that only dealers can program car keys for modern vehicles.

In fact, an auto shop that provides auto electrical services near Annerley should be able to program keys for any modern vehicle. At Formula Automotive Brisbane, we can provide key programming to help you get back on the road when you lose your keys. Using the latest technology and years of technical know-how, we will reprogram your vehicle’s onboard computer to recognise a new transponder chip. We will even delete the old codes from your car’s computer, to ensure that no one can use your old keys to start your car.

Best of all, we provide all these services for cheaper than you will pay at a dealership. Dealer prices are always more expensive—whether you are getting an oil change or a routine maintenance service—and key programming is no exception. Save yourself a bit of money by coming to see our auto electricians near Annerley. To learn more about our services, call us on (07) 3392 3655.

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