Air Conditioning Repairs & Servicing

The list of services presented on this page represent the most common services we perform.

However, if you require a service not listed below, please call our office on (07) 3392 3655 and we will be more than happy to discuss your specific needs!

System Regas

Your car air con system can lose up to 20% of its refrigerant every year. A poorly performing car air conditioning system can cause a build up of fungus, bacteria and other microbes growing inside the evaporator, causing a smell, sometimes an allergic reaction.

Regular checks will ensure that it is working at optimum performance and you remain as cool as a cucumber inside, even when it’s hot hot hot outside.
Our fully trained technicians will conduct a free air-con temperature check to ensure the system is working correctly.

If your system needs recharging, we can carry out the work for you while you wait.

Leaks & Pressure Testing

A common myth is that A/C systems are only needed during hot weather. It may surprise most vehicle owners to discover that the A/C system is a huge benefit throughout the year. Modern A/C systems are an integrated part of the greater vehicle passenger compartment heating, ventilation and air quality control system.

During cool or humid conditions the A/C system removes moisture from the air and quickens the window defog/defrosting process.

So your Air conditioning system should be serviced yearly. Distance driven does not influence the service interval. Vehicles that are not driven regularly are at an even greater risk of refrigerant leakage due to seals not being kept lubricated by oil circulating in the A/C system.Regular servicing of your air conditioning system will prevent costly repairs and ensure your comfort year round.

Testing for leaks is an integral part of ensuring you air conditioning system performs as expected!

Pipe & Hose Repairs

Many of the systems on your vehicle rely on pipes and hoses to work and function correctly, and any sort of leak can be a dissater waiting to happen. One of the most common areas for an air conditioning hose to leak is at the rubber hose section, and usually right at the hose ferrule crimp.

Our technicians are able to repair or replace any type of piping or hose systems in you vehicle.

Never again be surprised by an unexpexted pipe burst and possible expensive repair bills to the rest of your airconditioning system.

Installation & Servicing

Installing Air Conditioning Systems in vehicles is specialist work that must be carried out by a professional. Our team of experts know how to solve your vehicle problem and can come up with the repair or service for your Air Con system.

We also install compressors for automotive air conditioning systems, including: Controlled air conditioning compressors, with reduced energy requirements: Vane rotary, fixed-cylinder, variable-cylinder and electric compressors.

Forumla Automotive has the latest installation equipment, checking for leaks, damage, new parts, spare parts and everything you don’t need to be concerned about – we fix air conditioning systems for you – to get you back on the road – 100% fit and reliable.

Air Condition System Flushing

All of us would like our car air conditioning system to work efficiently, especially during warm periods to have better fuel economy and reduced wear and tear of air con components, such as our compressor.

For optimal performance and prevention of malfunction of components (e.g compressor failure), the air-conditioning system needs servicing at regular intervals.
This is performed using our New Microprocessor controlled automatic air conditioning service equipment to flush the air conditioning system.

This equipment effectively flushes impurities, purges used compressor oil and old refrigerant(gas) from the components of the car air conditioning system.
Upon thorough flushing, the air conditioning system will be charged with fresh compressor oil and HFC-134a refrigerant.

This will greatly improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system, thus improving your car’s fuel economy too!

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