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Between daily chores and monthly worries, our cars get us to where we need to be when we need to. When a car breaks down, these stresses quickly add up if we don’t address the vehicle issue. When you’ve heard so much about untrustworthy mechanics and shops, where can you go? In these times of need, wouldn’t it be best to have the peace of mind that your car will be fixed quickly and reliably? Thankfully, RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba mechanics are their, trust to get the job done.

With their breadth and years of experience with manufacturers, ranging from Honda to BMW to Porsche, RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba technicians have developed the perfect formula to service your vehicle, making them leaders in the repair service industry. For over 25 years in Woolloongabba, RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba has offered high quality workmanship and exceptional customer service at affordable rates. We also have an experienced mechanic team, should you need to find a more convenient location.

Mechanic Woolloongabba is an RACQ approved automotive repairer, ensuring that our mechanics care for your car under the strictest standards. Our RACQ customers get priority in service, helping them get to their lives faster by letting them hit the roads quicker. We offer a broad range of services for any problem that may arise with your car.

RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba

Our RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba brings diverse services

In keeping with our commitment to quality, we offer the highest quality products for any of your car’s needs. For those routine oil changes, we offer

  • High quality Penrite oils to ensure your engine runs smoothly.
  • Premium Bendix brake pads will replace those tired, worn out pieces.
  • Need new suspension? We have SuperPro parts to do the job for you.

If your air conditioning has broken down and you don’t want to suffer in sweat, we’ll get it fixed for you! We can easily handle any leaks, faulty pipes or pumps and make sure you can keep your cool. RACQ Mechanic Woolloongabba can ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioning system with our New Microprocessor controlled servicing equipment, carefully designed to flush any impurities from the system and extend its life.

We can easily handle your car’s electrical problems as well with our wide suite of services. Our mechanics visually inspect the battery to check for any problems personally. Combined with our speciality diagnostic equipment, we can make carefully assessed judgments on whether your battery or other electrical components may need replacement. From car keys to anti-lock braking systems to engine management, our mechanic  has you covered from the shock of electrical failures.

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